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LSZH BECMG 0214/0217 29017G35KT

March 2nd, 2016 No comments

BECMG-02MAR2016Upcoming occasion for plane spotters:

LSZH 020525Z 0206/0312 19007KT 8000 FEW005 SCT015 BKN035 TX08/0214Z TN02/0223Z TN00/0306Z TEMPO 0206/0210 4500 DZ BKN013 BECMG 0210/0213 24012G25KT TEMPO 0210/0222 4000 SHRA TEMPO 0214/0217 29017G35KT TEMPO 0220/0302 4000 SHRASN BKN012 TEMPO 0300/0312 2000 SHSN BKN008

0214/0217 29017G35KT
on 2nd day in month (today) starting 14h UTC until 17h UTC Wind from direction 290 degrees 17 knots gusting 35 knots.

webcam ZRH airport
and listen:
Live Air Traffic Control LSZH (ZRH)

Watch out for the call “go around”… 😎

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LSZH TWR ATCO signing off

October 19th, 2014 No comments

Tonight at 21:12 UTC one of the LSZH (Zurich Airport) Tower Air Traffic Control Operators signed off after 32 years and did his last call.
Listen to what he said and what the Pilot, of SWR180 with destination VTBS (Bangkok), responded:

Transcript of LSZH TWR 118.100 Mhz SUN 19OCT2014 2112Z
SWR180: SWR 1-8-0
LSZH TWR: Now I will do my last radio call and then after 32 years of Tower LSZH this will be the end for me and I will put away the microphone
SWR180: You are such a badass! I am so happy that I am the one responding to your last call.
LSZH TWR: Nice! A good planem the right destination and that will be it: SWR180 wind 1-4-0 degrees 5kt runway 34 cleared for takeoff. Bye bye!
SWR180: Cleared for takeoff runway 34 SWR180. Thanks a lot all good and I want to see you on my plane one day.
LSZH TWR: Thanks a lot

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SWR45T right gear indication LSZH

September 29th, 2014 No comments


SWR45T (HB-IXU Avro-RJ100) had a right main gear indication problem after departure in LSZH rwy 28 on 26th September 2014. Listen to the ATCO recording, how the incident was handled.


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SWR14E bird strike LSZH

September 9th, 2014 No comments

SWR14E is holding over GIPOL for fuel dump after bird strike on takeoff rwy 16 (cleared VEBIT 3 SIERRA).


During liftoff the A330 had a bird strike with some bigger bird (probably a heron), which was only reported on LSZH DEP frequency (125.950). Listen to what the first officer reported:

LSZH DEP 125.950 1118 UTC:

Due to the missing fuel dump equipment the aircraft was circling for more than 3 hours to burn some fuel before landing on rwy 16 again.

During the whole “incident” the pilots did not declare emergency (squawk 7700), nor “Pan Pan”. The co-Pilot simply reported “vibrations” caused from engine 1 and was busy to omit Cumulus buildups, not shutting down engine 1, as it seemingly has not been damaged.

Here is the full ATC recording between LSZH Controller and LX14E:

ATC transcript LX14E 09SEP2014:

SWR14E: Zurich delivery gruezi wohl das isch Swiss 14E information PAPA Airbus 343 (A330-343X) requesting clearance, negative 28
LSZH DEL: Good afternoon say again the callsign please
SWR14E: It’s Swiss 14E (SWR14E)
LSZH DEL: 14E hello cleared to JFK runway 16 VEBIT3S squawk 3036
SWR14E: copied VEBIT3S on runway 16 to JFK the squawk 3036 and we call you when we are fully ready
LSZH DEL: roger

SWR14E: Delivery the SWR14E is now fully ready
LSZH DEL: SWR14E for startup monitor APRON 121.850 good bye
SWR14E: 121 decimal 850 SWR14E

LSZH APRON NORTH: SWR14E gruezi pushback and startup approved
SWR14E: Pushback startup approved SWR14E gruezi

SWR14E: SWR14E ready for taxi
LSZH APRON NORTH: SWR14E turn left taxi via taxiway JULIET CHARLIE and ECHO to the holding position ECHO2
SWR14E: J C E to hp E2 SWR14E
LSZH APRON NORTH: SWR14E standby on tower 118 decimal 1 schöne Tag
SWR14E: Standby on tower 118.1 SWR14E uf Widerseh

LSZH TWR: SWR14E tower gruezi mitenand behind Airbus lineup runway 16 your departure in eight minutes
SWR14E: Roger SWR14E gruezi wohl behind the Airbus in front lineup 16

LSZH TWR: SWR14E the winds 330 degrees 3 knodts runway 16 cleared takeoff
SWR14E: Cleared for takeoff runway 16 SWR14E

LSZH TWR: SWR14E contact departure ade
SWR14E: to departure SR14E

SWR14E: Zuri departure the SWR14E heavy 2800ft climbing 5000ft
LSZH DEP: SWR14E heavy departure identified climb to FL120
SWR14E: Climb to FL120 SWR14E

SWR14E: Ahh departure SWR14E
LSZH DEP: go ahead
SWR14E: we had a bird strike during takeoff through the engine 1 on the left engine we have vibrations it looked like some kind of a heron rather a big bird and for the moment we are proceeding on the clearance but we might to turn back we have to contact maintainance
LSZH DEP: SWR14E roger thats copied report if you need any assistance or if you prefer to go to a holding
SWR14E: we would like to proceed according to he clearance climb to about 120 and then till then we should should be able to have an indication by maintainance
LSZH DEP: ok very good thats all copied keep me advised and continue as cleared SWR14E
SWR14E: SWR14E and it was just during lifoff maybe you have to inspect the runway
LSZH DEP: we will do the runway inspection

SWR14E: SWR14E go (ahead)
LSZH DEP: do you request to remain on the frequency or for the next one for further climb?
SWR14E: negative further climb for the moment request to maintain FL120 and stay on the frequency I call you back in a minute
LSZH DEP: ok roger

SWR14E: Departure SWR14E request initially direct GIPOL for holding
LSZH DEP: SWR14E roger turn right to GIPOL and hold
SWR14E: right GIPOL and hold SWR14E
LSZH DEP: und zu ihrer Information si haend raecht grossi Vogelteil uf dr Pischte gfunde (for your information they found pretty big remainings of birds on the runway)
SWR14E: si haend raecht grossi Vogelteil uf dr Pischte gfunde danke fuer d’Info (reading back, thanks for info) SWR14E

LSZH DEP: SWR14E contact now final please on 125.325 sind informiert (have been informed)
SWR14E: 125.325 SWR14E danke

SWR14E: Final SWR14E heavy FL120 course GIPOL
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E gruezi wohl

SWR14E: SWR14E request right turn to avoid tower cumulus
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E thats approved

SWR14E: SWR14E on course GIPOL and hold

SWR14E: and SWR14E fyi we just increased the speed for short while to check engine parameters
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E no problem

SWR14E: and Zurich Final from the SWR14E heavy
SWR14E: it looks like that we come back for Zurich the reason is that we had a bird strike after the departure what we do now is hold over GIPOL if possible and we try to get below the max landing mass which takes around an hour or more we have just started calculation and we request to reduce the speed to around 180 to get fuel off to reduce the fuel SWR14E
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E that is copied you have no speed restrictions and is FL120 still fine or would you like to descend?
SWR14E: negative request to stay on FL120 SWR14E heavy
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E roger all copied

SWR14E: Final SWR14E
LSZH FINAL APP: SWR14E go (ahead)
SWR14E: we had just background noise just thats why I called SWR14 into GIPOL hold FL120

SWR14E: Glatt he?
LSZH FINAL APP: Wie bitte?
SWR14E: Nuet nuet, mir haend wider background noise
LSZH FINAL APP: Wenn’s daenn noed gaht choemmer uf ne anderi Frequaenz waechsle
SWR14E: Nanai scho guet zwuesched dure chunnts eifach aso haemmers wider

SWR14E: SWR14E go ahead
LSZH FINAL APP: Laufet bi oi no beidi Triber oder haend ihr jetz dr eint abgstellt?
SWR14E: Nanai es laufet no beid Triber aso ganz normal mir haend eifach em Engine 1 e höcheri Vibration
LSZH FINAL APP: Ok, danke fuer d’Info
SWR14E: Wie gseit hr haend en Vogel gfunde gaellet uf dr Pischte oder Teili?
LSZH FINAL APP: Mehreri Teili vo Voegel!
SWR14E: Ok, danke
LSZH FINAL APP: Die sind sicher 10 Minute no am putze gsy mit 5 Putzmaschine also ich glaub ihr haend oeppis raechts vewuetscht
SWR14E: Ok, danke fuer d’Info

Swiss Aero space under military surveillance

August 21st, 2014 2 comments

Since monday night (18th August 2014) ADS95 Ranger Drones are flying within TMA (traffic manoevering area) LSZH (ICAO code for ZRH, Zurich), using callsigns such as FOCUS1 and FOCUS2, seemingly equipped with ADS-B, as they are now visible on Flightradar24 and other platforms.

(Note that the stupid military operator does not know that the transition level for TMA LSZH is FL70 and therefore asks for clearance for FL60 instead of 6000ft!)

The virtual pilot navigating the drone applied for respective flightplans (LSME ZUE ROMIR KLO LSME) with Skyguide, – according to my call with them, – from LSME (Emmen) to LSME, without further explanation, intention nor defined route.

As there is no comprehensible reason, such as WEF Davos or Swiss political revolution for such an operation, I hereby propose to install a selfshot system equipped with ADS-B receiver to take these surveillance systems down smash into ground!




Further I should say that the Swiss Military in Emmen was very surprised by my call (01:30 a.m. CEST) to learn hat the drones are visible for anyone, as they seemingly are equipped with ADS-B. – Grotesque!

The responsible person for the operation told me on the phone that the Ranger Drones by Ruag have been in a mission to secure the Swiss-Germano border for the whole week already.


[Update 0130 UTC]
Mr. Röthlisberger, military police sergeant from VBS, was not only surprised to learn that the drones are visible for anyone through secondary radar, but, – surprisingly, – was not aware that drones from the swiss military were in operation at all, though his office is in charge for military operations within swiss aerospace!


RUAG AD95 drones by Swiss Military use callsigns FOCUS1, FOCUS2 etc., whereas the registration numbers vary from D-113, D-138, D-8 etc. (*not* HB-XXX, as usual for registered a/c for Switzerland).


July 28th, 2014 2 comments

US of A, aka Yankee-Land once more coming up with “evidence” for “crimes on humankind”, this time, – and once more, – with some bogus satellite images of MH17 crash site.



moar yankee-lulz:
Russia cashing out US$ 50 bio for Yukos shareholders – OMFG!1!!
NSA seeking for Spin-Doc – WTF!1!!


July 13th, 2014 No comments

LX138 Airbus 340-313X (HB-JMD) stand E35 outbound LSZH DEGES2F departure RWY 34 to VHHH (Hong Kong)
METAR 12JUL2014 2050Z:
LSZH 122050Z 19003KT 9999 VCSH FEW015 FEW020TCU SCT025 BKN048 16/16 Q1015 RERA TEMPO 5000 SHRA

Source: my Uniden Bearcat 780 XLT

12JUL2014 2058Z pushback
12JUL2014 2059Z ready taxi
12JUL2014 2103Z cross rwy 28 (121.925)
12JUL2014 2103Z taxi inner link 3 to holding point rwy 34
12JUL2014 2107Z contact TWR 118.1
12JUL2014 2111Z lineup rwy 34
12JUL2014 2113Z cleared for t/o
12JUL2014 2114Z contact departure 125.950
12JUL2014 2115Z climb FL120 possible right rurn?
12JUL2014 2115Z SID left turn
12JUL2014 2119Z right 100 to avoid
12JUL2014 2120Z contact CTR 133.900
12JUL2014 2120Z climb FL240
12JUL2014 2123Z expedite passing level 160
12JUL2014 2124Z dct OSDOV contact EDDM CTR 134.150
12JUL2014 2126Z dct BIRGI climb FL310
12JUL2014 2124Z ciao Lx
12JUL2014 2131Z BIRGI at FL310
12JUL2014 2132Z BIRGI at FL290

“Niner” vs. “Nine”

July 7th, 2014 No comments

In ATC (Air Traffic Control) phraseology some numbers are spoken particularly, such as number 3 is pronounced “tree” instead of “three” and number 9 as “niner”. – Here is a short example why:

Source: LiveATC


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Uniden Bearcat 780 XLT

June 25th, 2014 No comments

Bloody aaaawwwwwsome!
Listen to the stream





IKS133G gear door problem

March 18th, 2014 No comments

Intersky ISK113G (De Havilland DHC8-311 Reg.-Nr. OE-LSB) from LOWG (Graz) experiences a right gear door problem on 16th March 2014 14:30 CET (LT).

(Source LiveATC)

Here is the ATC transcript:
16MAR2014 1322Z LSZH APP EAST (131.150 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich arrival schönen Nachmittag Intersky 1-3-3-GOLF descending level 1-3-0 (FL130) direct to Trasadingen (TRA VOR) information ECHO …
LSZH APP: ISK133G Zurich arrival hallo information FOXTROTT current expect vectors ILS approach rwy 14 descend to FL110
ISK133G: vectors ILS 14 descend to level 110 ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G expect 5-0 track miles no speed restrictions
ISK133G: Danke 133G

(other a/c)


LSZH APP: ISK133G descend 6000ft QNH 1023 continue present heading vectors ILS approach rwy14
ISK133G: descend to 6000ft QNH 1023 continue present heading vectors ILS14 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left 55 degrees
ISK133G: (unreadable) ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G maintain 220 knots or greater
ISK133G: speed 220kt ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G descend to 4000ft
ISK133G: descend to 4000ft 133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 240 speed 180kt or greater
ISK133G: left 240 180 or more 133G

LSZH APP: turn left heading 170 cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
ISK133G: left 170 cleared ILS14 will call you 133G

LSZH APP: ISK133G speed 160kt or greater to 5miles
ISK133G: 160 or more and ILS established 133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger contact TWR 118.1
ISK133G: TWR 18-1 servus schönen Sonntag

1334Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich Tower schönen Nachmittag ISK133G established ILS
LSZH TWR: ISK133G Tower good afternoon number 2 wind check 220 11kt
ISK133G: Vielen Dank
LSZH TWR: ISK133G wind 21 correction 230 degrees 11kt rwy 14 cleared to land
ISK133G: cleared to land 14 133G

(other a/c)

ISK133G: ISK133G due technical reasons we are doing a go around
LSZH TWR: roger 133G follow standard missed approach procedure
ISK133G: standard missed approach procedure 133G


LSZH TWR: ISK133G climb altitude 5000ft QNH 1023
ISK133G: into 5000 1023 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH TWR: ISK133G contact arrival 131.15
ISK133G: arrival 131.15 ISK133G bye bye

16MAR2014 1337Z LSZH APP EAST (131.150 Mhz)
ISK133G: LSZH arrival hello again ISK133G 4500 climbing 5000 on the standard missed approach
LSZH APP: ISK133G Zurich arrival guten Tag hello again turn left heading 010 vectors for the ILS approach rwy14 maintain 5000ft when reaching
ISK133G: left 010 maintaining 5000 133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G report your speed
ISK133G: we have 170 at the moment we can increase
LSZH APP: ISK133G no problem maintain 170kt are you ready for a new approach?
ISK133G: maintain 170kt negative we call you
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger report reason for the go around
ISK133G: we have a technical reason with the gear we call you back
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger
LSZH APP: ISK133G pass the message
ISK133G: we have a message we have an unreleased door on our right gear so we want to maintain 5000ft reducing speed to 150kt and recycle the gear once more want to check for a (unreadable) or not
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger call me when ready
ISK133G: wilco will reduce on 5000 to 160
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger no speed restrictions
ISK133G: vielen Dank
LSZH APP: bitte

(other a/c)

ISK133G: 133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G are you able to climb to 6000ft to keep you inside airspace CHARLIE?
ISK133G: affirm we climb to 6000ft ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn right right heading 300
ISK133G: right heading 300 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G request
ISK133G: ISK133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G do you have any idea how long it will take about for your troubleshooting because I want to plan that you have it as easy as possible
ISK133G: yeah so we would take a new approach and most probably for the moment … safety reasons we need the fire brigade because on the right gear … morning we didn’t know if it was safe or not because maybe on the runway we can expect an evacuation I don’t know
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger nur damit wir uns gerade gut verstehen also Sie möchten gerne die Fire Brigade haben, weil Sie nicht wissen ob die ob die Türe für Ihr Fahrwerk aufgeht oder zugeht?
ISK133G: Naja die Türen der Fahrwerke sind offen also offen wir wissen nicht 100 prozentig ob das rechte Fahrwerk jetzt eindeutig verriegelt ist oder nicht. Wir haben ein grünes und ein rotes Licht.
LSZH APP: Ok, das ist verstanden und Sie wünschen jetzt einen Anflug zu fliegen?
ISK133G: Ja, wir nehmen einen Anflug zu fliegen und bitte zur Sicherheit wenn das möglich ist die Feuerwehr
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger das werden wir machen ich werde es weiterleiten descend to 5000ft
ISK133G: descend to 5000ft 133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G ist die Piste 14 für Sie gut oder wünschen Sie die 16?
ISK133G: 14 ist ok ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 270
ISK133G: left heading 270 ISK133G

ISK133G: 133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G wir könnten Ihnen auch noch ein fly-by anbieten so dass wir schauen könnten ob allfälligerweise wir sehen können dass Ihr gear draussen ist.
ISK133G: Ja, also das gear ist draussen wir sind ja hoch-decker, wenn wir rechts raus schauen dann sehen wir dass das Fahrwerk draussen ist aber wir können eben nicht erkennen ob es eingerastet ist oder nicht.
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger und die fire brigade wurde informiert die ist parat
ISK133G: Danke

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 240
ISK133G: left 240 ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G descend to 4000ft
ISK133G: descend to 4000ft 133G

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 180 cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
ISK133G: left 180 cleared ILS 14 tell you established 133G

ISK133G: ISK133G established ILS 14
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger die Feuerwehr steht bereit, dann nehmen Sie sich alle Zeit die Sie brauchen und nun zum Tower 118.1 schönen Tag wünsch ich trotzdem noch
ISK133G: Ja, vielen Dank! Danke

1354Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich Tower again ISK133G ILS14
LSZH TWR: ISK133-G LSZH TWR hello again wind 240 degrees 9 (niner) knots rwy 14 cleared to land
ISK133G: cleared to land rwy 14 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH TWR: ISK133G for your information everything is ok!
ISK133G: Thank you very much and you are able to taxi on your own?
LSZH TWR: affirm
ISK133G: well then vacate via HOTEL 1
LSZH TWR: vacating H1 ISK133G

(other a/c)

1358Z LSZH APRON (121.850 Mhz) (though the TWR did not hand over ISK133G yet, he switched to APRON)
ISK133G: APRON hello ISK133G
LSZH GND: ISK133G APRON servus taxi via JULIET hold short rwy 28
ISK133G: Via JULIET hold short 28 133G

1358Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
LSZH TWR: ISK133G switch over to APRON 121.850 talk to you later
(unanswered, because ISK133G is on 121.850 already…)

1359Z LSZH APRON (121.850 Mhz)
LSZH APRON: ISK133G contact TWR 118.1 good day
ISK133G: TWR 18.1 ISK133G ciao

1358Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Tower hello again ISK133G on JULIET
LSZH TWR: ISK133G taxiway JULIET cross rwy 28 once you cross APRON 121.750
ISK133G: Taxiway J ULIET cross 121.75 ISK133G ciao und danke.
LSZH TWR: Bitte gerne

1359Z LSZH APRON (121.750 Mhz)
ISK133G: APRON grüezi ISK133G
LSZH TWR: ISK133G APRON guete Nomitag straight ahead second right follow the inner taxiway stand is INDIA 92
ISK133G: Straight ahead second right inner INDIA 92 ISK133G

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