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IKS133G gear door problem

March 18th, 2014 No comments

Intersky ISK113G (De Havilland DHC8-311 Reg.-Nr. OE-LSB) from LOWG (Graz) experiences a right gear door problem on 16th March 2014 14:30 CET (LT).

(Source LiveATC)

Here is the ATC transcript:
16MAR2014 1322Z LSZH APP EAST (131.150 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich arrival schönen Nachmittag Intersky 1-3-3-GOLF descending level 1-3-0 (FL130) direct to Trasadingen (TRA VOR) information ECHO …
LSZH APP: ISK133G Zurich arrival hallo information FOXTROTT current expect vectors ILS approach rwy 14 descend to FL110
ISK133G: vectors ILS 14 descend to level 110 ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G expect 5-0 track miles no speed restrictions
ISK133G: Danke 133G

(other a/c)


LSZH APP: ISK133G descend 6000ft QNH 1023 continue present heading vectors ILS approach rwy14
ISK133G: descend to 6000ft QNH 1023 continue present heading vectors ILS14 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left 55 degrees
ISK133G: (unreadable) ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G maintain 220 knots or greater
ISK133G: speed 220kt ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G descend to 4000ft
ISK133G: descend to 4000ft 133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 240 speed 180kt or greater
ISK133G: left 240 180 or more 133G

LSZH APP: turn left heading 170 cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
ISK133G: left 170 cleared ILS14 will call you 133G

LSZH APP: ISK133G speed 160kt or greater to 5miles
ISK133G: 160 or more and ILS established 133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger contact TWR 118.1
ISK133G: TWR 18-1 servus schönen Sonntag

1334Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich Tower schönen Nachmittag ISK133G established ILS
LSZH TWR: ISK133G Tower good afternoon number 2 wind check 220 11kt
ISK133G: Vielen Dank
LSZH TWR: ISK133G wind 21 correction 230 degrees 11kt rwy 14 cleared to land
ISK133G: cleared to land 14 133G

(other a/c)

ISK133G: ISK133G due technical reasons we are doing a go around
LSZH TWR: roger 133G follow standard missed approach procedure
ISK133G: standard missed approach procedure 133G


LSZH TWR: ISK133G climb altitude 5000ft QNH 1023
ISK133G: into 5000 1023 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH TWR: ISK133G contact arrival 131.15
ISK133G: arrival 131.15 ISK133G bye bye

16MAR2014 1337Z LSZH APP EAST (131.150 Mhz)
ISK133G: LSZH arrival hello again ISK133G 4500 climbing 5000 on the standard missed approach
LSZH APP: ISK133G Zurich arrival guten Tag hello again turn left heading 010 vectors for the ILS approach rwy14 maintain 5000ft when reaching
ISK133G: left 010 maintaining 5000 133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G report your speed
ISK133G: we have 170 at the moment we can increase
LSZH APP: ISK133G no problem maintain 170kt are you ready for a new approach?
ISK133G: maintain 170kt negative we call you
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger report reason for the go around
ISK133G: we have a technical reason with the gear we call you back
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger
LSZH APP: ISK133G pass the message
ISK133G: we have a message we have an unreleased door on our right gear so we want to maintain 5000ft reducing speed to 150kt and recycle the gear once more want to check for a (unreadable) or not
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger call me when ready
ISK133G: wilco will reduce on 5000 to 160
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger no speed restrictions
ISK133G: vielen Dank
LSZH APP: bitte

(other a/c)

ISK133G: 133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G are you able to climb to 6000ft to keep you inside airspace CHARLIE?
ISK133G: affirm we climb to 6000ft ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn right right heading 300
ISK133G: right heading 300 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G request
ISK133G: ISK133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G do you have any idea how long it will take about for your troubleshooting because I want to plan that you have it as easy as possible
ISK133G: yeah so we would take a new approach and most probably for the moment … safety reasons we need the fire brigade because on the right gear … morning we didn’t know if it was safe or not because maybe on the runway we can expect an evacuation I don’t know
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger nur damit wir uns gerade gut verstehen also Sie möchten gerne die Fire Brigade haben, weil Sie nicht wissen ob die ob die Türe für Ihr Fahrwerk aufgeht oder zugeht?
ISK133G: Naja die Türen der Fahrwerke sind offen also offen wir wissen nicht 100 prozentig ob das rechte Fahrwerk jetzt eindeutig verriegelt ist oder nicht. Wir haben ein grünes und ein rotes Licht.
LSZH APP: Ok, das ist verstanden und Sie wünschen jetzt einen Anflug zu fliegen?
ISK133G: Ja, wir nehmen einen Anflug zu fliegen und bitte zur Sicherheit wenn das möglich ist die Feuerwehr
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger das werden wir machen ich werde es weiterleiten descend to 5000ft
ISK133G: descend to 5000ft 133G

(other a/c)

LSZH APP: ISK133G ist die Piste 14 für Sie gut oder wünschen Sie die 16?
ISK133G: 14 ist ok ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 270
ISK133G: left heading 270 ISK133G

ISK133G: 133G go ahead
LSZH APP: ISK133G wir könnten Ihnen auch noch ein fly-by anbieten so dass wir schauen könnten ob allfälligerweise wir sehen können dass Ihr gear draussen ist.
ISK133G: Ja, also das gear ist draussen wir sind ja hoch-decker, wenn wir rechts raus schauen dann sehen wir dass das Fahrwerk draussen ist aber wir können eben nicht erkennen ob es eingerastet ist oder nicht.
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger und die fire brigade wurde informiert die ist parat
ISK133G: Danke

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 240
ISK133G: left 240 ISK133G
LSZH APP: ISK133G descend to 4000ft
ISK133G: descend to 4000ft 133G

LSZH APP: ISK133G turn left heading 180 cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
ISK133G: left 180 cleared ILS 14 tell you established 133G

ISK133G: ISK133G established ILS 14
LSZH APP: ISK133G roger die Feuerwehr steht bereit, dann nehmen Sie sich alle Zeit die Sie brauchen und nun zum Tower 118.1 schönen Tag wünsch ich trotzdem noch
ISK133G: Ja, vielen Dank! Danke

1354Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Zurich Tower again ISK133G ILS14
LSZH TWR: ISK133-G LSZH TWR hello again wind 240 degrees 9 (niner) knots rwy 14 cleared to land
ISK133G: cleared to land rwy 14 ISK133G

(other a/c)

LSZH TWR: ISK133G for your information everything is ok!
ISK133G: Thank you very much and you are able to taxi on your own?
LSZH TWR: affirm
ISK133G: well then vacate via HOTEL 1
LSZH TWR: vacating H1 ISK133G

(other a/c)

1358Z LSZH APRON (121.850 Mhz) (though the TWR did not hand over ISK133G yet, he switched to APRON)
ISK133G: APRON hello ISK133G
LSZH GND: ISK133G APRON servus taxi via JULIET hold short rwy 28
ISK133G: Via JULIET hold short 28 133G

1358Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
LSZH TWR: ISK133G switch over to APRON 121.850 talk to you later
(unanswered, because ISK133G is on 121.850 already…)

1359Z LSZH APRON (121.850 Mhz)
LSZH APRON: ISK133G contact TWR 118.1 good day
ISK133G: TWR 18.1 ISK133G ciao

1358Z LSZH TWR (118.1 Mhz)
ISK133G: Tower hello again ISK133G on JULIET
LSZH TWR: ISK133G taxiway JULIET cross rwy 28 once you cross APRON 121.750
ISK133G: Taxiway J ULIET cross 121.75 ISK133G ciao und danke.
LSZH TWR: Bitte gerne

1359Z LSZH APRON (121.750 Mhz)
ISK133G: APRON grüezi ISK133G
LSZH TWR: ISK133G APRON guete Nomitag straight ahead second right follow the inner taxiway stand is INDIA 92
ISK133G: Straight ahead second right inner INDIA 92 ISK133G

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THY6333 go around LSZH

February 28th, 2014 No comments

Turkish Airlines 6333 Airbus 330-223F (Reg.-Nr. 9M-MUC) from Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA) to Zurich (LSZH) was going around after a “flap indication problem” today.
Here’s the ATC transcript.

THY6333 go around rwy 14 LSZH 28FEB2014 0856Z

[THY6333] Tower THY6333 established ILS request to go around due ???
[TWR LSZH] THY6333 Zurich tower, grüezi roger copied
[THY6333] THY6333 going around
[TWR LSZH] THY6333, roger follow standard missed approach procedure
[THY6333] THY6333

THY6333 after go around rwy 14 LSZH 28FEB2014 0858Z

[THY6333] Turkish 6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) Zurich arrival hello, climb to 7000ft
[THY6333] climb to 7000 THY6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) are you ready for another approach rwy 14 or do you prefer to hold at AMIKI
[THY6333] THY6333 request to hold we need about 5 minutes
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) roger is copied report when ready for another approach
[THY6333] THY6333 wilco
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) report your problem
[THY6333] we have a flaps lock indication problem THY6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) roger

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January 20th, 2014 No comments

Hello World!


SWR181 sightseeing inbond LSZH

July 21st, 2013 No comments

SWR181 LSZH 21JUL2013 0402Z SäntisCaptain “Päuli” from flight SWR181 (reg.-nr HB-JME) seems to have had his last flight (VTBS-LSZH) and, – seemingly, – was allowed to do a little “sightseeing” through the Mountains, over “Säntis” before approaching rwy 34, where after the landing a “little surprise” was waiting for him…

Source: LiveATC

LSZH CTR Frequency 133.900
[21JUL2013 03:41 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 if you wish to turn to the Säntis, would be approved for sightseeing
SWR181: Oh that’s a great idea, we appreciate, SWR181, wildo

[21JUL2013 03:44 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 if you wish you could be number one for approach SWR179 is giving you the priority
SWR181: this is very kind of you, appreciate SWR181 thank you
LSZH APP: welcome

[21JUL2013 03:45 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to FL130
SWR181: 1-6-0 for 1-3-0 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:46 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 contact now arrival on 131.150 en schöne Tag no
SWR181: 131.150 danke glyfalls SWR181 byebye

LSZH APP EAST Frequency 131.150
[21JUL2013 03:48 UTC]
SWR181: arrival guete morge SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 Zurich arrival guete morge, expect vectoring ILS rwy 34 whenever you are ready
SWR181: we are ready any time SWR181
LSZH APP: 181 roger call you back
LSZH APP: SWR181 right turn heading 300
SWR181: right heading 300
LSZH APP: SWR179 you will be number two now to land thanks
SWR179: ok, no problem, SWR179
SWR179: have it, Päuli!
SWR181: so geil, gäll?
SWR179: geil, ja!

[21JUL2013 03:49 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to FL110 maintain green dot speed and expect approximately 50 track-miles
SWR181: that’s perfect descending 110 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 maintain green dot speed further descend will be in about 15 miles
SWR181: roger green dot speed and returning now heading 300 SWR181
LSZH APP: roger
LSZH APP: SWR181 are you visual at present position?
SWR181: affirm
LSZH APP: roger, maintain visual ground contact please
SWR181: wildo SWR181, mir sind e chly tüff, he? (we are a bit low, right?)
LSZH APP: ja genau, ok SWR181 do you wish to continue visually down to level 110?
SWR181: affirm, yes please SWR181
LSZH APP: danke

[21JUL2013 03:52 UTC]
SWR181: SWR181 may we turn heading 240 for a short while visually?
LSZH APP: affirm SWR181 visually
SWR181: danke
LSZH APP: SWR181 continue with with visual separation to terrain and contact now final 125.325 schöni letschti landig! (have a nice last landing!)
SWR181: danke vielmal, we change to final continue visually SWR181

LSZH APP FINAL Frequency 125.325
[21JUL2013 03:53 UTC]
SWR181: Zurich final guete tag SWR181 fully visual
LSZH APP: SWR181 final guete morge continue heading 240 and how many miles would you like to continue on this heading?
SWR181: eh SWR181 eh … SWR181 eh it’s ok we can continue the heading you want
LSZH APP: ok turn right heading 250 expect to take you to the localizer expect the landing time 04 you are number 1 this morning
SWR181: ok heading 250 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 speed minimum green around 220 knodts
SWR181: yeah we have 225 SWR181
LSZH APP: danke

[21JUL2013 03:54 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to 6000 actually make it FL80 visually
SWR181: descending FL80 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:55 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 continue descend to 6000ft QNH 1019
SWR181: QNH1019 descending 6000ft SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:56 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn right heading 260
SWR181: right heading 260 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:57 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn now right heading 050
SWR181: right heading 050 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 reduce speed to 180 knodts
SWR181: reducing 180 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:58 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 further right heading 080
SWR181: further right 080 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:59 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn now left heading 360 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS 34 report established
SWR181: left heading 360 cleared to 5000ft cleared ILS 34 call you established SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 heading 010 to intercept the ILS
SWR181: 010 the heading SWR181

[21JUL2013 04:00 UTC]
SWR181: 181 establised
LSZH APP: SWR181 danke schön number 1
SWR181: merci
LSZH APP: maintain 180 knodts until advised
SWR181: wilco SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 speed 160 knodts or greater to DME 5 contact tower 118.1 schöni zyt, schöne! (have a nice time!)
SWR181: danke vielmal für d’hilf super gsy SWR181 160 to 5 SWR181 (thanks for your assistance was great)

LSZH TWR Frequency 118.100
[21JUL2013 04:02 UTC]
SWR181: Zurich tower guete morge SWR181 ILS 34
LSZH TWR: SWR181 tower guete morge winds 260 degrees 3 knodts runway 34 cleared to land
SWR181: cleared to land rwy34 SWR181

[21JUL2013 04:05 UTC]
LSZH TWR: SWR181 contact Apron 121.850 schöne Tag und alles gueti für de Chef für sin nöchschte Abschnitt (and all the best to your boss for his next episode)
SWR181 (Co-Pilot): är strahlet über ds ganze Gsicht schöne Tag, danke vielmal! (he smiles all over his face)
LSZH TWR: merci
SWR181 (Pilot): danke dir au vielmal! (thanks a lot)
LSZH TWR: Gärn gscheh, ciao (welcome, bye)

LSZH TWR Frequency 121.850
[21JUL2013 04:06 UTC]
SWR181: Apron guete Tag SWR181 on ECHO 3
LSZH TWR: SWR181 Apron guete morge taxi via FOXTROTT 1 and then DELTA then ECHO 67 und am FOX 1 staht dänn no d’Überraschig! (and at the end of FOX 1 there will be a surprise)
SWR181: Jawoll, Überraschig in sight FOX 1 DELTA SWR181 (surprise in sight)
LSZH TWR: then to firm stand ECHO 67
SWR181: ECHO 67 danke schön!

[21JUL2013 04:12 UTC]
SWR179: Hey Päuli alles guete, gsehsch geil uus fo hine! (Hey Paul you look great from behind!)
SWR181 (Captain): Scho guet, danke vielmal! (ok, thanks)
SWR179: Päuli mir händ Fottene fo dire letschte Brännerei(?) (we’ve got pictures of you last burnings(?))
SWR181 (Captain): Danke vielmal! (thanks a lot)

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zero flap landing of SXS77U at LSZH

July 5th, 2013 No comments

SXS77U LSZH 0-flap 05JUL2013SXS77U (Boeing 737) from Antalya (LTAI) seemingly had some troubles with the altimeter and therefore decided to do a “zero flap” landing, with about 191 knodts (354 km/h) on final in LSZH.
Listen to the ATC recording from Zurich EAST approach (LSZH APP) over Zurich WEST approach (LSZH APP) until Zurich Tower (LSZH TWR).

Source: LiveATC

LSZH Approach EAST Frequency 131.150
LSZH APP: SXS77U arrival good afternoon descend to FL110 expect ILS rwy 14 no delay

LSZH APP: SXS77U fly heading 250 for radar vectors into left hand downwind
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH APP: roger descend to FL80
SXS77U: descend FL80 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U reduce speed 230 knodts about 35 miles from touchdown
SXS77U: reduce speed 230 knodts SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 300 descend to 6000ft QNH 1027
SXS77U: (unreadable) 300 SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U correct speed 210 knodts

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn left heading 260 descend to 5000ft
SXS77U: left heading 260 descending 5000 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U speed 180kt turn left heading 230
SXS77U: (unreadable)

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn left heading 170 descend to 4000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
SXS77U: (unreadable)

LSZH APP: go ahead
SXS77U: we have a ?? radar vectors for holding point
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger then climb again to 6000ft and continue on turn right heading 220
SXS77U: right 220 climb to 6000ft SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger and can you say again the nature of the problem
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH APP: I understand altimeter problem?
SXS77U: altimeter problem SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger expect vectors to GIPOL holding turn right heading 250
SXS77U: expect GIPOL holding (unreadable)

SXS77U: SXS77U would you please confirm the point again?
LSZH APP: it said GIPOL holding
SXS77U: confirm the point GOLF INDIA PAPA OSCAR LIMA
LSZH APP: GOLF INDIA PAPA OSCAR LIMA that is correct, the current position about 1-0 miles on heading 240
SXS77U: 10 miles thanks
LSZH APP: SXS77U contact now Zurich arrival on 118 decimal 0 he is informed about the nature of your problem
SXS77U: 118 decimal 3 thanks SXS77U
LSZH APP: 1-1-8-0
SXS77U: 118.0 SXS77U

LSZH Approach WEST Frequency 118.0
SXS77U: Arrival SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U to the arrival hello climb to FL70

LSZH APP: SXS77U proceed GIPOL and hold be advised longest available runway in Zurich is rwy 16 ILS approach
SXS77U: Thank you very much for the information and hold over GIPOL SXS77U

SXS77U: SXS77U may we climb up to FL80 or 90
LSZH APP: SXS77U climb to FL90 join the holding keep me advised
SXS77U: climb FL90 join the holding and keep you informed SXS77U

SXS77U: Arrival SXS77U we are finished with the checklist and request radar vectoring for ILS rwy 16
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger expect radar vectoring rwy 16 we’ll give you a long lineup and confirm the status of your aircraft
SXS77U: we will make a landing with all flaps up landing SXS77U
LSZH APP: ok, this case 0 flap landing SXS77U fire brigade will be on standby then on the runway be advised surface winds 070 degrees 7kt I call call you back for the radar vectors in about two minutes
SXS77U: yes Sir, we will stay on the runway after landing and wait for radar vector SXS77U
LSZH APP: roger, you will stay on the runway, copy that SXS770 will you be later on able to taxi away or do you need a tow?
SXS77U: we need a tow, Sir SXS77U most probably the speed break will be very hot
LSZH APP: roger fire brigade will be on standby next to your aircraft after the landing to cool your breaks and we will organise as well a tow to tow you then when everything is safe back to the stand
SXS77U: thank you very much SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 040 radar vectoring ILS approach rwy 16
SXS77U: right heading 040 degrees radar vectors for ILS rwy 16 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U you have 37 miles to touchdown descend to FL70 no speed restrictions during the entire approach
SXS77U: descending FL70 no speed restriction thank you very much SXS77U
LSZH APP: you are welcome, you will be number one for ILS rwy 16
SXS77U: thank you

LSZH APP: SXS77U for your information fire brigade is ready on rwy 16
SXS77U: thank you, Sir SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 060 descend 6000ft QNH 1027
SXS77U: right heading 060 degrees descending to 6000ft QNH 1027 SXS77U
LSZH APP: roger will be a lineup about 15 miles is that ok for you?
SXS77U affirm, Sir it’s ok SXS77U

LSZH APP: go ahead
OSZ: ah we are here descending 130 approaching ZULU HOTEL 625
LSZH APP: and you are a Citation XL and which ATIS do you have?
LSZH APP: roger please check CHARLIE
OSZ: wildo

LSZH APP: SXS77U descend to 5000ft
SXS77U: descending 5000ft SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS770 please report souls on board and any dangerous goods
SXS77U: no dangerous goods sir and just standby for souls
LSZH APP: roger
SXS77U: we have 174 souls on board SXS77U
LSZH APP: 1-7-4 souls on board turn right heading 130 intercept localiser rwy 16
SXS77U: right heading 130 degrees intercept localiser rwy 16 SXS770

LSZH APP: SXS770 descend to 4000ft cleared for the ILS approach rwy 16 report established
SXS77U: descending 4000ft cleared for the ILS approach rwy 16 will call you when establishing SXS770

LSZH APP: SXS770 are you established?
SXS77U: affirm, Sir established SXS770
LSZH APP: roger contact tower 118 decimal 1 good bye
SXS77U: 118.1 thank you very much Sir SXS770

LSZH Tower Frequency 118.1
SWR107E: go ahead
LSZH TWR: There will be a slight delay for you a landing traffic on a crossing rwy is approaching 4 miles with a 0-flap landing on a very high approach speed
SWR107E: is copied SWR107E
LSZH TWR: (unreadable) in case you do abort the takeoff
SWR107E: is blocked SWR107E

SXS77U: SXS770 ILS rwy 16
LSZH TWR: hello SXS770 wind 060 degrees 5 kt rwy 16 you are cleared to land
SXS77U: cleared to land rwy 16 SXS770
LSZH TWR: and the equipment is waiting at the runway
SXS77U: excellent, thank you SXS770

LSZH TWR: Swiss 564 flight delayed due to traffic landing on the crossing runway which requires a rwy check after landing
SWR564: copied 564
LSZH TWR: wind check 070 degrees knodts for rwy 16

LSZH TWR: and Tower SXS770 hold position the fire brigade is coming out
SXS77U: holding position SXS770
LSZH TWR: do you have hot breaks do you need any break cooling?
SXS77U: affirm we need SXS770
LSZH TWR: you need break cooling do confirm
SXS77U: affirm SXS770

SXS77U: go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: the fire brigade wants you to shut down your engines please
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH TWR: say again, please
SXS77U: we need one minute SXS770
LSZH TWR: ok, that is checked

SXS77U: Tower SXS770
SXS77U: would you please give us the frequency for the fire brigade?
LSZH TWR: the problem is they only speak german
SXS77U: hehe excellent thank you
LSZH TWR: ahm very excellent (…) can I tell them what you like?
SXS77U: actually I wanted to coordinate the operation but anyways they know what to do thank you very much

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: What would be the indication of your break temperature?
SXS77U: we don’t have an indication SXS770

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: you don’t speak german by chance or got a co-pilot who speaks german
SXS77U: unfortunately (..) we only speak english, Sir

LSZH TWR: and SXS770 for your information cooling f?? and air cooling
SXS77U: thank you that is copied, Sir SXS770

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: please switch to GND 121.9
SXS77U: 121.9 SXS770 thank you

(unfortunately GND is not covered by Live ATC recordings)


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FAB001 outbound LOWW

July 3rd, 2013 No comments

FAB001 outbound LOWW heading direct GCLP 3rd of July 2013, after having landed in LOWW the day before coming from UUEE UUWW.

Update: FAB001 departed from UUWW, Vnukovo international airport, not Sheremetyevo (UUEE) international airport.

Source: LiveATC

[03JUL2013 0917Z]
FAB001: Control FOXTROTT ALPHA BRAVO 0-0-1 passing 3500 (feet)
LOWW APP: FAB001 hello identified climb flightlevel 100
FAB001: 0-0-1 I understand to FL 3-6-0
LOWW APP: FAB001 negative climb FL100
FAB100: Climb FL100 FAB001

[03JUL2013 0919Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 climb FL240
FAB001: Climb to FL240 FAB001

[03JUL2013 0923Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 cleared direct to OSPEN
FAB001: Direct to OSPEN FAB001

LOWW APP: FAB001 contact Wien Radar 132 decimal 6
FAB001: 3-2 decimal 6 thank you very much, good bye


FAB001 inbound LOWW

July 3rd, 2013 8 comments

Here is the ATC audio transcript of LOWW APP talking to the Pilot of FAB001, the Bolivian Presidential Plane (Falcon 900EX) of Evo Morales, landing in LOWW (Vienna, Austria) on 2nd July 2013 around 1920Z (UTC), 21:20 CET (local time).

Update: FAB001 departed from UUWW, Vnukovo international airport, not Sheremetyevo (UUEE) international airport.

Source: LiveATC

[02JUL2013 1923Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 Good evening information WISKEY expect ILS runway 16
FAB001: Information WHISKEY ILS rwy 16 FAB001
LOWW APP: Do you need any assistance?

LOWW APP: FAB001 do you need any assistance upon landing?
FAB001: ah not at this moment we need to land because ah we are not… we can not get a correct indication of the fuel indication so as ah a precaution we need to land
LOWW APP: FAB001 roger continue on present heading expect radar vectors for the approach descend flightlevel 90 (similar to “LOWW BALAD 5L transition”)
FAB001: Present heading FL090

[02JUL2013 1925Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 your distance from touchdown is around 60 miles
FAB001: Roger FAB001

[02JUL2013 1927Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 rate of descent 2500 feet per minute or greater
FAB001: climb to 2500ft 001
LOWW APP: Negative. Rate of descent 2500 feet per minute or greater you are cleared FL90
FAB001: 2500 ft/min descent or greater FAB001
[02JUL2013 1929Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 020
FAB001: say again the heading please
LOWW APP: Turn left heading 020

LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 020
FAB001: 020 FAB001

[02JUL2013 1930Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 descend 4000ft QNH 1016
FAB001: 1016 down to 4000ft FAB001

[02JUL2013 1931Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 340
FAB001: 340 left FAB001
[02JUL2013 1933Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 own rate of descent your distance from touchdown is 20 miles
FAB001: 20 miles FAB001

[02JUL2013 1934Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left headin 250
FAB001: left 250 FAB001

LOWW APP: FAB001 descend 3000ft
FAB001: To 3000 FAB001

[02JUL2013 1935Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 left heading 190 cleared ILS 16
FAB001: 190 left cleared to the ILS 16

[02JUL2013 1937Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 contact tower 123 decimal 8 bye bye
FAB001: 1-2-3-8 thank you, bye bye


Have you seen the Fox?

June 9th, 2013 No comments

fox at the airport

Tonight (09JUN2013 at 19:48 UTC) at LSZH a living Fox has been spotted by a departing aircraft from runway 32. Listen to the ATC conversation, which he caused:

Source: LiveATC

ATC Transcript:
[TWR]: SWR1584 departure bye bye
[SWR1584]: To departure bye bye SWR1584 and for your information we had a living Fox just on the runway
[TWR]: ok thank you
[SWR564]: ade

[TWR]: SWR564 you copied?
[SWR564]: Yes SWR564
[TWR]: And you're ready for departure?
[SWR564]: Affirm SWR564
[TWR]: Thank you
[SWR979]: Tower guete n'Abig Swiss 4 and a half miles 28. 979 4 and a half miles ILS 28
[TWR]: SWR979 hello

[TWR]: SWR564 wind 340 degrees 4 knodts runway 32 cleared takeoff
[SWR564]: Runway 32 cleared for takeoff SWR564
[TWR]: HAM281E lineup runway 32
[HAM281E]: Lining-up 32 HAM281E

[TWR]: CHN34J good evening, you're ready?
[CHN34J]: affirm 34J
[TWR]: Roger

[TWR]: SWR2147 APRON 121.75 guet Nacht
[SWR2147]: 121.75 guet Nacht SWR2147
[TWR]: SWR979 wind 010 degrees 3 knodts runway 28 cleared to land
[SWR979]: Cleared to land 28 SWR979
[SWR979]: Is 16 available? SWR979
[TWR]: Affirm
[SWR979]: Merci

(longer pause)

[TWR]: SWR564 have you seen the Fox?
[SWR564]: Negative, SWR564
[TWR]: Danke schön. Contact departure, guet Nacht
[SWR564]: Departure, guet Nacht SWR564

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SWR979 09JUN2013 ATC

June 9th, 2013 No comments

SWR979 arriving from EDDT in swiss airspace.

Source: LiveATC

Swissradar frequency 136.150
[09JUN2013 19:25:08 UTC]
SWR979: … 208 for FL1-7-0
ACC: SWR979 hello identified cleared IBINI RILAX1A
SWR979: Say again SWR979
ACC: Correction of course EMKIL RILAX1A
SWR979: Ah jetz isch klar hä! EMKIL, das ist gerade aus und dann RILAX1A SWR979
ACC: Genau. Sorry

[09JUN2013 19:26:33 UTC]
ACC: SWR979 descend to FL160
SWR979: Descending level 160 any avoid (?) restrictions? SWR979
ACC: Negative

[09JUN2013 19:30:35 UTC]
ACC: SWR979 contact arrival 1-3-1 decimal 1-5-0 good bye
SWR979: 3-1-1-5-0 guet Nacht SWR979

Zurich arrival East frequency 131.150
[09JUN2013 19:32:35 UTC]
SWR979: Arrival guete n’Abig SWR979 Airbus 3-20 with INDIA level 1-5-4 for 1-5-0
ARR: SWR979 Zurich Arrival grüetzi SONGI LAMAX expect ILS approach runway 2-8 reduce to speed 2-1-0 knodts
SWR979: reducing 2-10 SONGI LAMAX SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:33:25 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 proceed to AMIKI and hold
SWR979: AMIKI and hold SWR979 and any delay?
ARR: SWR979 negative expect just one holding pattern
SWR979: ok

[09JUN2013 19:34:12 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 descend to FL 1-4-0
SWR979: Descending now level 1-4-0 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:34:57 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 descend to FL 1-3-0
SWR979: Descending now 1-3-0 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:36:46 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 descend to FL 1-2-0
SWR979: Descending now level 1-2-0 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:37:58 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 descend to FL 1-1-0
SWR979: Descending level 1-1-0 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:38:40 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 descend to FL 100
SWR979: Descending now level 100 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:39:23 UTC]
SWR979: SWR979 turning into hold at AMIKI
ARR: SWR979 roger continue left turn heading 2-7-0 confirm left heading 2-7-0 vectoring to the ILS approach runway 2-8 descend to 7000ft QNH 1-0-0-8
SWR979: 1 double-0 8 descending 7000 left left heading 2-7-0 vector 2-8 SWR979
ARR: SWR979 correct expect 4-2 miles touchdown
SWR979: that’s copied

[09JUN2013 19:40:02 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 reduce speed 2-1-0 knodts
SWR979: We had descent SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:42:15 UTC]
ARR: Dee correction SWR979 turn left heading 1-8-0
SWR979: Left heading 1-8-0 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:42:47 UTC]
ARR: SWR979 contact final 1-2-5 descimal 3-2-5 good bye
SWR979: Bye bye SWR979 good night

Zurich final frequency 125.325
[09JUN2013 19:43:07 UTC]
SWR979: Final guete n’Abig SWR979
APP: Ah! SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:44:10 UTC]
APP: SWR979 descend to 6000ft
SWR979: Descending 6000 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:44:44 UTC]
APP: SWR979 right 2-1-0 descend to 5000ft
SWR979: Heading 2-1-0 descending 5000 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:45:17 UTC]
APP: SWR979 reduce to 1-8-0 knodts
SWR979: Reducing speed 1-80 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:45:35 UTC]
APP: SWR979 right 2-5-0 cleared ILS 2-8
SWR979: Right 2-5-0 cleared ILS 2-8 call you SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:46:53 UTC]
SWR979: SWR979 established ILS 2-8
APP: SWR979 thank you reduce to 1-6-0 knodts
SWR979: Reducing 1-6 this is 979

[09JUN2013 19:48:12 UTC]
APP: SWR979 tower 18-1 bye!
SWR979: Byebye guet Nacht, SWR979
APP: Thank you

Zurich tower frequency 118.100
[09JUN2013 19:48:19 UTC]
SWR979: Tower guete n’Abig Swiss 4 and a half miles 2-8. 979 4 and a half miles ILS 2-8
TWR: SWR979 hello

[09JUN2013 19:49:06 UTC]
TWR: SWR979 wind 0-1-0 degrees 3 knodts runway 2-8 cleared to land
SWR979: Cleared to land 2-8 SWR979

[09JUN2013 19:49:22 UTC]
SWR979: Is 1-6 available for SWR979?
TWR: Affirm
SWR979: Merci

[09JUN2013 19:50:36 UTC]
TWR: SWR979 Apron 1-2-1-7-5 guet Nacht
SWR979: 1-2-1-7-5 gute Nacht SWR979

Zurich Apron south frequency 121.750
[09JUN2013 19:51:00 UTC]
SWR979: Apron guten Abend SWR979 on ECHO
GND: SWR979 guete n’Abig turn second left into the INNER stand ALPHA 1-7
SWR979: INNER ALPHA 1-7 SWR979 schönen Abend
GND: Glychfalls


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