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Kurosawa beauty

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man escher

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Lix si si

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Current state: Artist in Residence

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Midnight Caller

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“Goodnight America. Wherever you are.”

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America yet another step further ahead…

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While here (some) people and politicians still struggle with how to bend the truth to fit their/our purpose, meanwhile in America, especially for the GOPs (Republican Party) people it’s already clear that feelings are the same as facts (FEELINGS=FACTS) or even better than facts, and that as politicians they’re eligible because they can “CREATE FACTS” – Those are the real creationists.


Video of the show “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, 24th July 2016


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towel day

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Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana” is a humorous saying that is used in linguistics as an example of a garden path sentence or syntactic ambiguity, and in word play as an example of punning, double entendre, and antanaclasis.

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Welt von Mördern

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“Sicherlich hast Du Recht, sagte ich zu ihm, die Welt ist eine Welt von
Mördern, aber ich will die Welt trotzdem nicht als eine Welt von Mördern
sehen, ich will die Welt als einen Ort sehen, an dem man leben kann.”
– Imre Kertész

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