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VBZ no Info

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Cat purr

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Phantom purring =^.^=


Alles steuert der Blitz

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τα δε πάντα οιακίζει κεραυνός

(ta de panta oiakizei Keraunos)
Alles steuert der Blitz (Heraklit)

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Global Human Rights Justice on trial

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Neskovic-CIAFolterreportWolfgang Neskovics, former judge at the German Federal High Court of Justice, released the translation of the CIA report on torture and his analysis, demanding to prosecute and imprison former US statesmen, such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld:

“Criminal prosecution is not only possible, but essential and inevitable.”

Source: ntv

“The decision on a possible prosecution is a practical probation-test for the truthfulness and functioning of our legal system.”

Deutsche Box-Weisheiten

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Max Schmeling um 1930 auf die Frage warum er so gut boxt:

Ich versuche beim ersten Schlag immer meine Visitenkarte abzugeben.”

Graciano Rocchigiani / KindheitsfotosGraciano Rocchigiani aka “Rocky”:

“Gegner am Boden. – Gutes Gefühl!”

EckhardDaggeNachdem Weltmeister-Kampf von Eckhard Dagge als der Journalist meinte er könne sich nun in eine Reihe mit Max Schmeling stellen, erwiderte Dagge:

“Maxe ist im liegen Weltmeister geworden, ich im stehen.”

Später sagte Dagge zudem:

“Viele Weltmeister sind Alkoholiker geworden, aber ich bin der erste Alkoholiker, der Weltmeister wurde.”

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Rhizom Widmung

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[…] Ein US-Programmierer verlor 2013 seinen Job, weil er seine Arbeit an chinesische Programmierer outgesourct hatte. Er selbst war im Büro jahrelang unentdeckt nur am Chatten und schaute Katzenvideos.

Source: 20Min 23SEP2014

LSZH TWR ATCO signing off

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Tonight at 21:12 UTC one of the LSZH (Zurich Airport) Tower Air Traffic Control Operators signed off after 32 years and did his last call.
Listen to what he said and what the Pilot, of SWR180 with destination VTBS (Bangkok), responded:

Transcript of LSZH TWR 118.100 Mhz SUN 19OCT2014 2112Z
SWR180: SWR 1-8-0
LSZH TWR: Now I will do my last radio call and then after 32 years of Tower LSZH this will be the end for me and I will put away the microphone
SWR180: You are such a badass! I am so happy that I am the one responding to your last call.
LSZH TWR: Nice! A good planem the right destination and that will be it: SWR180 wind 1-4-0 degrees 5kt runway 34 cleared for takeoff. Bye bye!
SWR180: Cleared for takeoff runway 34 SWR180. Thanks a lot all good and I want to see you on my plane one day.
LSZH TWR: Thanks a lot

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SWR45T right gear indication LSZH

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SWR45T (HB-IXU Avro-RJ100) had a right main gear indication problem after departure in LSZH rwy 28 on 26th September 2014. Listen to the ATCO recording, how the incident was handled.


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Thank you, Init7!

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