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Freedom activist security mesures

March 25th, 2008 No comments

The Washington Post” and “der Standard” have reported today, that chinese hackers have tried to break into tibetan activist organisations networks and computers to steal encryption keys. Encryption keys are used to sign and encrypt electronic messages like E-Mails. China operates the world’s largest and most restrictive “Firewall” to censor internet communication and obscure information. Further it is known that in China a certain hacker group called “Titan Rain”, that is most probably financed and supported by the chinese government has been attacking the Pentagon and the german “chancelor house. Many tibetan organisations and activists notice a higher amount on suspect trojans and viruses. But thanks to the operation of Free Software such as the GNU/Linux operation system and Free Sowftware applications, such as GnuPG for encryption and the Tor Project for anonymous internet, the damage has been kept low.

I urge tibetan activists, journalists and news reporters to use encryption technology to secure and assure internet communication. To bypass the chinese firewall (e.g. to access the internet from Lhasa) it is most advisable to use Tor or similar anonymiser software. (see my blog post from the 18th of march 2008).

Internet Censorship

Stop the Chinese genocide in Tibet

March 21st, 2008 No comments

For almost 50 years the tibetans have been terrified by the chinese government. The Tibetans deserve their own freedom, their own country, religious freedom, press freedom, freedom of speech and human rights. The Chinese government oppresses its dictatoric kommunism in a perverted mixture with kapitalism on its citizens and Tibetans. Not even Chinese artists have a freedom of expression and creative work. The chinese firewall filters and censores the internet. After the protests from the 10th of March 2008 in Lhasa the chinese government has banished all international organisations, journalists and photographers. The chinese television is further being used for chinese propaganda, not showing how chinese soldiers are killing Tibetan manifestants. The united nations and many countries all over the world have not yet show any reaction to the latest chinese invasion in Lhasa. The Tibetans need our support and solidarity now. Boycott Chinese products & boycott the olympic games in Bejing this year. Stand up for freedom and human rights!

Flag of Tibet

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