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Internet dialin for Libya

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Rop Gonggrijp offers a dialin service (xs4all): “Use your modem to dial +31205350535, username xs4all password xs4all.”

انترنت مجاني وغير مراقب في ليبيا اتصال بالرقم

username xs4all
password xs4all
+ 31205350535

Telecomix is also providing a similar service. (See below)

P.S. Such services should actually globally and freely be offered by the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council)!!


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Pixelfari is a 8-bit Browser which might give your website a litte “arty” retouch. 🙂

Try it: Download Pixelfari 1.0

Here is the button to implement on your website, in case it is “Pixelfari optimised”.

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Lonely Valentine’s day in Paris

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Geek music heaven

February 10th, 2011 No comments

host:~ user$ cat toccata > /dev/floppy

Here’s Barbara Dennerlein’s Jazz version of toccata.

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Desktop poetry

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(source: b3ta)

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