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SWR35R emergency LSGG (lost pressurisation)

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On 24th of March at 1530Z, the SWR35R from EGLC (London City) to LSGG (Geneva) declared PAN PAN (squawk 7700) and landed safely, accompanied by the fire brigade with the callsign SATURNE.

The PAN PAN situation caused quite a bit of troubles for other aircrafts that were sent into holding.

ATC transcript:

Source: LiveATC

[24032013 15:17:03 UTC]
SWR35R: (unreadable)
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO roger copied maintain FL100 and report seven …
SWR35R: (unreadable)

[24032013 15:17:54 UTC]
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO will you have to shorten the approach?
SWR35R: (unreadable)
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO turn right heading 180
SWR35R: (unreadable)

(The ATC sends other aircraft into the holding pattern PAS VOR FL100)

LSGG APP: Easy 915 ALPHA proceed to PAPA ALPHA SIERRA VOR to hold descend FL100
EZY915: PAPA ALPHA SIERRA hold descending FL100 Easy 915
LSGG APP: Air France 2342 start descend FL 140 proceed PAPA ALPHA SIERRA to hold
AFR2342: We descend FL 140 and descend PAPA ALPHA SIERRA to hold


LSGG APP: Easy 294 TANGO proceed direct PAPA ALPHA SIERRA to hold
EZY294T: PAPA ALPHA SIERRA to hold, Easy 294 TANGO what is the approach time?
LSGG APP: expect about twenty minutes delay
EZY294T: ah!


AFR2343: Airfrance 2342 can we reduce speed?


[24032013 15:20:03 UTC]
SWR35R: (unreadable)
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO sorry I don’t understand, descend to FL80 if you want
SWR35R: (unreadable) … lost pressurisation
LSGG APP: Roger I understand you lost pressurisation then I understand you declare PAN PAN situation
SWR35R: affirm


[24032013 15:21:41 UTC]
BAW731: Speedbird 731, are there any shortcuts this afternoon?
LSGG DEP: say again please.
BAW731: Any shortcuts at all this afternoon, Speedbird 731
LSGG DEP: Due to emergency follow standard departure
BAW731: Roger thanks Speedbird 731

(other chatter)

[24032013 15:23:42 UTC]
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO descend 6000ft QNH 1003
SWR35R: descending to 6000ft 1003 Swiss 35 ROMEO
LSGG APP: Roger and I need your number of persons on board and eh weather you have dangerous goods or not
SWR35R: No dangerous goods and 93 passengers plus 4 crew total 97 passengers
LSGG APP: Roger I understand 97 of total and no dangerous goods thank you
SWR35R: Thank you


(due to the PAN PAN situation Easyjet 294T from Brindisi diverts to Lyon)
EZY294T: Easy 294 TANGO we need to divert to Lyon.


[24032013 15:24:58 UTC]
LSGG APP: Swiss 35 ROMEO turn left heading 080 intercept ILS 05 sector approach report established
SWR35R (female voice this time. co-pilot?): (…) ILS approach 05 report established Swiss 35 ROMEO
LSGG APP: Easy 294 TANGO continue heading
EZY294T: continue present heading Easy 294 TANGO
EZY294T: Easy 294 TANGO what number are we?
LSGG APP: 294 TANGO you are number six, can you make about 60 miles?
EZY294T: standby


EZY294T: Easy 294 TANGO negative, we need to divert to Lyon
LSGG APP: Easy 294 TANGO turn left heading 320
EZY294T: left heading 320 Easy 294 TANGO
LSGG APP: Easy 294 TANGO contact final 120 decimal 3
EZY294T: 120 3 Easy 294 TANGO
AFR2332: Airfrance 2342 you have an estimate approach time?
LSGG DEP: Swiss radar 134 025 au revoir
685: Heading 134 025 Jean-Marc(?) 685 bye bye


[24032013 15:27:11 UTC]
SWR35R: Swiss 35 ROMEO established ILS 05
LSGG APP: Airfrance 2342 approach time 5-0
AFR2332: Approach time 5-0 it will not be ok for us so we eh standby
EZY915A: Easy 915 ALPHA you gonna have an ETA for us, we got a 5 minute holding
LSGG APP: Easy 915 ALPHA roger eh standby


[24032013 15:28:54 UTC]
LSGG APP: Ok I understood Swiss 35 ROMEO wind 040 at 7 knots runway 05 cleared to land
SWR35R: (out of range)

(Now some of the holding aircraft are running out of fuel…)

[24032013 15:29:16 UTC]
AFR2342: Airfrance 2342 eh we need to divert at 4-6 I can give you not not more to you
LSGG APP: ok understood expect approach time at 46 eh 2342. Malheureusement l’avion va se staibiliser sur la piste donc eh à mon avis va s’echapper avant vous mais du coup eh elle circule je vous tien au courant de l’evolution de la situation.
AFR2342: Recu non mais c’est moindre doutte vous nous dites en par avant, hein?
LSGG APP: compris
LSGG APP: Easy 915 ALPHA expect approach time at 4-0 for the time being but the traffic in PAN PAN situation will stabilise on the runway so expect maybe more than that due to more traffic on short time
EZY519A: Ok, fortunately we have another two minutes Easy 915 ALPHA we would due then requesting and be honored to divert to Lyon
LSGG APP: Say again, you want to divert to Lyon? confirm
EZY519A: In two minutes if you eh, if there is no improve Easy 915 ALPHA
LSGG APP: Ok I call you in two minutes.
EZY915A: Thanks
LSGG APP: 1310 expect estimate at 3-8
1310: Roger
LSGG APP: And 365 your expect estimate time is 4-0
265: That’s copied we have for around 9 minutes left 265
LSGG APP: Thank you

[24032013 15:31:59 UTC]
LSGG APP: 35 R when you have time monitor 118-7 (LSGG Tower frequency)

LSGG APP: Ok, understood thank you bye bye
LSGG APP: 131 turn right heading 260
131: Right heading 2-6-0 for your information, we are able to hold about 20 minutes if you like to give the priority to another aircraft for the landing
LSGG APP: Say again, sorry
131: For your information, we are able to maintain the holding for another 20 minutes if you like to give the priority to another aircraft
LSGG APP: Oh that is very kind, thank you

[24032013 15:33:21 UTC]
LSGG APP: And for all the stations runway is now vacated expect approach in a few minutes

SWR35R 7700 LSGG rwy05SWR35R 7700 LSGG SATURNE

… meanwhile other planes were sent into a holding pattern.

EZY915A hold LSGG AFR2342 hold LSGG

Meanwhile the notification by the office for flight surveillance has been published.
Source: BFU

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