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UAE85: “rwy 28 is a bit tight”

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Swissradar Air Traffic Controller tries to send an Emirates Boeing 777 from Dubai to land on runway 28 in LSZH. – Watch the reaction of the Pilot. 😎
METAR: LSZH 251920Z 35006KT 320V030 5000 -SN BKN009 OVC030 M01/M03 Q1006 R88/29//// NOSIG
(The runway is wet due to snow and crosswinds blow on rwy 28, tailwind to rwy 14. A landing to rwy 32 or 34 would be optimal, but LSZH does not foresee any approach to rwy 32 and rwy34 ist politically controversial. Length of runway 28 is 8’202ft only and rwy 14 10’826ft. The runway 10/28 would be a bit “tight” to land a B777 under such conditions.)

ATC transcript (Swissradar LSAS CTR):

Source: LiveATC

[24032013 19:30:27 UTC]
UAE85: Good evening Emirates 85 flightlevel 220 descending flightlevel 200
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 hello identified descend flightlevel 130, are you able for runway 28?
UAE85: Flightlevel 130 standby Emirates 85


[24032013 19:31:06 UTC]
UAE85: Emirates 85 will there be any delay for runway 14?


[24032013 19:31:42 UTC]
LSAS CTR: 85 youuuuu can expect runway 14 no delay proceed to TANGO ROMEO ALPHA vectors for 14
UAE85: Proceed TANGO ROMEO ALPHA runway 14 runway 28 is just a little bit tight
LSAS CTR: Roger you can expect 14
UAE85: Thank you TANGO ROMEO ALPHA Emirates 85


[24032013 19:33:06 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 contact arrival 131 decimal 150
UAE85: 131.150 Emirates 85 thanks

(switching to LSZH APP then LSZH TWR)

ATC transcript (Zurich Tower):

Source: LiveATC

[24032013 19:52:04 UTC]
UAE85: Good evening Emirates 85 ILS runway 14
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 Zurich tower hello you are number two for your information last taxiway, taxiway HOTEL 3 is blocked
UAE85: I copied that HOTEL three is blocked Emirates 85

(HOTEL 3 is blocked, because other aircrafts are holding short at HOTEL 3 for departure from rwy 32, as winds are now favorable for rwy 32 t/o and rwy 28 landing)

[24032013 19:53:37 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 tailwind 4 knots runway 14 cleared to land
UAE85: Cleared to land, Emirates 85

[24032013 19:55:34 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 contact APRON 121 decimal 850 bye bye
UAE85: 121.850 Emirates 85 good evening

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