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Focus one

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A small plane with the callsign “Focus one” circles in a holding pattern over SIERRA on approx. 10’000ft in LSZH TMA sector.

ATC transcript (Zurich Tower / LSZH TWR):
[27032013 22:18:06 UTC]

Source: LiveATC

FOCUS1: Zurich tower guete n’Abig (good evening) [unreadable]
LSZH TWR (Sarah): Focus one Zurich tower, grüezi, I read you very weak, in case ehm you have a phone number if you need to call us I don’t read you. – Confirm
FOCUS1: [unreadable] … call you back


FOCUS1: Zurich tower Focus one … [unreadable]
LSZH TWR: Focus one roger report mission completed


LSZH TWR: Focus one tower
FOCUS1: Will call you back when mission completed, Focus one

[27032013 22:39:44 UTC]

Source: LiveATC

FOCUS1: Focus one, mission city (?) completed (…) descend to 5000ft to remain out of your airospace
LSZH TWR: Focus one descend approved there is no traffic below
FOCUS1: Leaving 10’000ft descending 5000ft remaining outside keep (…) QNA(?) Focus one
LSZH TWR: Thank you very much, wünsch ihne e gueti Nacht wänn sy dänn fertig sind, ade
FOCUS1: Merci and contact 128.050?
LSZH TWR: I will call them first and in about two to three minutes you can call them
FOCUS1: (…)

[27032013 22:42:47 UTC]

Source: LiveATC

FOCUS1: Zurich tower Focus one … [unreadable] … frequency … (?)
LSZH TWR: Heli (?) Focus one you may contact 128.050 guet Nacht
FOCUS1: Roger guet Nacht, Focus one

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