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THY6333 go around LSZH

February 28th, 2014 No comments

Turkish Airlines 6333 Airbus 330-223F (Reg.-Nr. 9M-MUC) from Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA) to Zurich (LSZH) was going around after a “flap indication problem” today.
Here’s the ATC transcript.

THY6333 go around rwy 14 LSZH 28FEB2014 0856Z

[THY6333] Tower THY6333 established ILS request to go around due ???
[TWR LSZH] THY6333 Zurich tower, grüezi roger copied
[THY6333] THY6333 going around
[TWR LSZH] THY6333, roger follow standard missed approach procedure
[THY6333] THY6333

THY6333 after go around rwy 14 LSZH 28FEB2014 0858Z

[THY6333] Turkish 6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) Zurich arrival hello, climb to 7000ft
[THY6333] climb to 7000 THY6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) are you ready for another approach rwy 14 or do you prefer to hold at AMIKI
[THY6333] THY6333 request to hold we need about 5 minutes
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) roger is copied report when ready for another approach
[THY6333] THY6333 wilco
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) report your problem
[THY6333] we have a flaps lock indication problem THY6333
[LSZH APP] THY633(wrong) roger

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Willkürliche Verstärkung

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