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27C3: "We come in peace"

July 30th, 2010 No comments

We come in peace - 27C3

We come in peace

We come in peace, said the conquerers of the New World.
We come in peace, says the government, when it comes to colonise, regulate, and militarise the new digital world.
We come in peace, say the nation-state sized companies that have set out to monetise the net and chain the users to their shiny new devices.
We come in peace, we say as hackers, geeks and nerds, when we set out towards the real world and try to change it, because it has intruded into our natural habitat, the cyberspace. Let us explore each other’s truly peaceful intentions at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress 27C3 to be held from Monday December 27 to Thursday December 30, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

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Quantum Entanglement

July 16th, 2010 No comments

Can I haz Quantumz?

Here’s some exciting news about Quantum Entanglement and an actual proof, that materia does not exist, but the entanglement creates the space that keeps life together.” says Schrödinger’s Cat.

What a superb position!