Licht & Schatten

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“Licht wirft keinen Schatten. Es ist das Objekt, das den Schatten wirft.”

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Vom Bücherwald zum Datennetz

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«Vom Bücherwald zum Datennetz» von Art Ringger (1995)
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“LX92 heavy” too heavy for tailwind

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LX92 getting cleared for takeoff on runway 34, calls for a performance recalculation after indicated tailwind exceeds tolerance.

According to crew, the tripple-7 (HB-JND) is fully packed today, as yesterday’s LX92 flight was cancelled.

Here is the ATC recording and transcript
(sounds like first officer is doing voice, while captain is flying the plane)

LSZH tower 118.1 17JUL2021 2112 UTC
LSZH TWR: LX92 tower hello, your departure behind the next landing in about 4 minutes
LX92: Guete n’Abig, roger LX92

17JUL2021 2114 UTC
LSZH TWR: behind the landing A321 lineup runway 34 behind
LX92: behind the landing A321 lineup and wait 34 LX92

17JUL2021 2118 UTC
LSZH TWR: LX92 wind 090 degrees 2 knots runway 34 cleared for teakoff
LX92: runway 34 cleared takeoff LX92

LX92: LX92 (inaudible) approach(?), we have to calculate the takeoff performance new
LSZH TWR: ok LX92 ahm then takeoff clearance is cancelled hold position and report ready
LX92: hold position and we will call LX92
LSZH TWR: and just ehm say the reason – due to the wind?
LX92: affirm
LX92: (captain speaking) ahm we cannot accept for the moment any tailwind so as soon as wind is about 070 or less, then it’s ok for us.
LSZH TWR: ok, LX92 your wind south of runway 28 stays calm and about 090 2 knots
LX92: (captain speaking) ok, standby
LSZH TWR: which calculate (inaudible)
LX92: (captain speaking) give us 15 seconds then we are ready

17JUL2021 2120 UTC
LX92: LX92 ready for departure
LSZH TWR: LX92 merci wind remains 090 2 knots runway 34 cleared takeoff
LX92: cleared takeoff LX92

17JUL2021 2122 UTC
LSZH TWR: LX92 climb FL120 and report altitude
LX92: climb FL120 passing 2600 (ft) LX92
LSZH TWR: LX92 roger identified when passing FL80 proceed direct ROTOS
LX92: when passing FL80 direct ROTOS LX92
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punch Bill Gates

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German WWI veteran describes killing a French soldier in a bayonet charge

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git config –global init.defaultBranch master

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sliding door security

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#1234 🤦‍♂️

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not with americans!

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Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of Singapore 1959 – 1990

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Bongo Cat

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Moar =ˆ.ˆ=

[Update 23. October 2020]: Bongo Cat interactive (Source Code)

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How to bake a swiss “Rösti”

July 16th, 2020 1 comment

The swiss Rösti is a traditionally dish, cooked with slivers of veal and a cream sauce with mushrooms. Here is a simple howto and recipe, that is Licensed under GFDL 1.2 & CC-by-sa 3.0.

  • 2 kg of “waxy”, firm potatoes
  • 80 g butter
  • salt
  • diced bacon (if you like)
  • eggs (for additional fried egg)

The day before cooking Rösti, prepare by boiling raw, paddy potatoes and put them into the fridge over night. This way the potatoes are easier to peel, get stronger starch bond and the Rösti won’t get stroppy.

Start melting 30g of butter in a pan on medium heat. Take the potatoes out of the fridge and peel them.

Grate the potatoes directly into the pan over the melted butter, without compacting to keep it fluffy. Occasionally add salt over the first layer.

Add a few butter flakes around the border of the pan, slighly press the border of the Rösti and cover the pan, while adding full heat. Let the Rösti gently roast for about 10-12 minutes.

Turn the pan around with the aid of a cover or a plate. Repeat roasting the other side by adding butter again, sliping the Rösti into the pan again, adding some flakes of butter arount the pan again and covering it.

enjoy 😉

[Update] Sauce recipe

Prepare mushrooms, onion, butter, milk and the meat of your choice, usually sliced veal.

Cut the onions into cubes, the mushrooms and the meat into slices. melt 20g of butter in a pan.

Fry onions, then add the meat, roast it well, then remove it and put it aside.

sweat the mushrooms, you can stimulate them with a bit of salt. Once done, add 10-20g of butter in the middle, add a bit of flour and start pouring milk into the pan, while whisking the sauce.

Add the meat again, mix everything and season the sauce to taste with pepper and salt.

enjoy! 😉

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