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CCC proudly announces honorary members Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden

August 24th, 2014 No comments

Congratulations, CCC!

Chaos Computer Club supports Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden
2014-08-24 00:52:00, 46halbe

Since its founding more than thirty years ago, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) holds strong beliefs in the freedom of information. Consequentially, freedom fighters and whistleblowers deserve our utmost respect and support. For this reason we will help the European legal team of Edward Snowden financially.

Asylum, legal counsel and protection are costly. This is why we decided to support Snowden’s six European lawyers with 36.000 Euro to cover their expenses. Earlier this year, the CCC general assembly also decided to offer Edward Snowden the honorary membership, which he accepted gladly.

“The long lasting dedication of the CCC and others for citizen’s rights and against mass surveillance paved the road for a broad public debate after Edward Snowden’s revelations”, said Snowden’s German lawyer, Wolfgang Kaleck. “Both the commitment as well as the support for Snowden require perseverance. The financial support provided will help sustain these efforts.”

Edward Snowden is the source of many leaks about the so-called Intelligence Community and their hacking and surveillance operations, which made news headlines all over the world. He ignited the necessary global discussion by informing journalists about how much and how deeply we are being spied on by the NSA and their partners, how they infiltrate telecommunication and Internet service providers. One of our central claims and part of our hacker ethics is: “Public data should be utilized, private data should be protected.” Edward Snowden had the guts to live by our principles.

Undoubtedly, Chelsea Manning’s courageous actions also stand in line with these values of ours. To express our support and respect, the CCC bi-annual general assembly unanimously voted for offering her the honorary membership. She agreed to accept our offer. Needless to say, it is an outstanding honor for us to count Chelsea Manning as one of us!

The former US private Chelsea Manning, stationed in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, was sentenced for violations of the Espionage Act and other offences in August 2013. Allegedly, she transferred hundreds of thousands of military and U.S. State Department documents and the infamous “collateral murder” video to Wikileaks. Detained as a political prisoner in 2010 under unduly harsh conditions without minimal standards of humane treatment and stripped of her clothing in custody every night, Manning is now serving a 35-year sentence for her courageous acts. [1]

[1] Alexa O’Brien at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30c3) reporting on the secret trial of Chelsea Manning
[2] Edward Snowden Interview Transcript

Brave! – Become a CCC member yourself today!

“le dernier cri”: PRISM implementation

July 18th, 2013 No comments

orlyAre you thinking of buying the newest slick smartphone? Well then, get the latest “Blackberry Q10” with implemented sneaking high-end “suppa duppa” username & password delivery feature which sends your credentials directly to the NSA and all these “nice guyz” protecting us from “za thheRR0Riz”. – ’cause as you’ve nothing to hide anyways and ain’t give a shit about your goddam privvvazy! – Y0!1!!

When you enter your POP / IMAP e-mail credentials into a Blackberry 10 phone they will be sent to Blackberry without your consent or knowledge. A server with the IP which is in the Research In Motion (RIM) netblock in Canada will instantly connect to your mailserver and log in with your credentials. If you do not have forced SSL/TLS configured on your mail server, your credentials will be sent in the clear by Blackberrys server for the connection. Blackberry thus has not only your e-mail credentials stored in its database, it makes them available to anyone sniffing inbetween – namely the NSA and GCHQ as documented by the recent Edward Snowden leaks. Canada is a member of the “Five Eyes”, the tigh-knitted cooperation between the interception agencies of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, so you need to assume that they have access to RIMs databases. You should delete your e-mail accounts from any Blackberry 10 device immediately, change the e-mail password and resort to use an alternative mail program like K9Mail.

Clarification: this issue is not about PIN-messaging, BBM, push-messaging or any other Blackberry service where you expect that your credentials are sent to RIM. This happens if you only enter your own private IMAP / POP credentials into the standard Blackberry 10 email client without having any kind BER, special configuration or any explicit service relationship or contract with Blackberry. The client should only connect directly to your mail server and nowhere else. A phone hardware vendor has no right to for whatever reason harvest account credentials back to his server without explicit user consent and then on top of that connect back to the mail server with them.

Recipe for own experiment:
1. set up your own mail server with full logging
2. create throw-away IMAP account
3. enter IMAP account credentials into Blackberry 10 device, note time
4. check mail with Blackberry
5. look in logfiles for IP (or others from RIM netblock)

Source: Frank at geekheim & Fefe

SRSLY: think about digital disobediance. – NOW!

Dependence Day – 4th of July

July 4th, 2013 No comments


Paradigm shift in international criminal prosecution

July 3rd, 2013 No comments

We needn’t discuss the fact that the United States represents the top delinquent against international law and human rights from their foundation until today. They have proven their pole position and rank of global criminal warlord repeatedly and sustainably…

The U.S. administration has yet understood that their strategies regarding criminal prosecution has its legal limitations when it comes to international law and, – therefore, – are introducing a orchestrated situation, confronting the global sovereign states with the dictation of their political agenda, where international criminal prosecution and law now is at stake. The unlawful head-hunt of Osama Bin Laden and his fellows brought them to a momentum where a paradigm shift is needed to continue prosecuting their “enemies” on an international level. Therefore they release a made-up “worst case” scenario with a puppet named Snowden to introduce a paradigm shift in international criminal prosecution.

The criminals used to be those who spied on their citizen, where after nowadays those are declared criminals who protect themselves from being spied on…

As long as the last 4 presidents of the United States are not being impeached for crimes on humankind in an international human rights court, the international laws on criminal prosecution can be declared obsolete!

… moar

moar Cryptoparties!1!!

July 2nd, 2013 No comments

Worried about surveillance and control? Still living in 1984? Get your copy of the Cryptoparty handbook and organise your Cryptoparty today!

“Full weight of Justice”

April 16th, 2013 No comments

After the cruel explosions in Boston, the president of “Lesterland” promises that the “responsible” for the explosions in Boston would feel the “full weight of justice”. – Well let us impeach this current president, including the 3 preceding ones and let them feel the “full weight of justice” for their crimes against humanity!

Bahrain: Prohibited Pictures (Arte documentary)

June 19th, 2012 No comments

Zainab (Twitter @zooz__zooz) quote:

The government in Bahrain does not care about the citizens. The leaders only care about their public image towards western countries. […] Why should any government sell weapons to a dictatorship? Obama gives speeches about freedom and democracy. He claims to support the Arab spring and the Arab societies in their fight for freedom and democracy. But then he sells weapons to the dictators. People in Bahrain won’t care about his words when they are being shot by teargas that says “made in Pensilvania” on it.

minute 31:54

See the full Arte documentary “Bahrain: Verbotene Bilder” (in German language):

Film by Stéphanie Lamorré, Arte France 2012

Download German version: mpeg4 / ogg-theora or French version: mpeg4 / ogg-theora

The “Jihad” in you

June 6th, 2012 No comments

Translation of the word jihad: “Personal spiritual struggle for self-improvement and against evil”

Source: Kurbaan (2009)

Resistance is beautiful

June 4th, 2012 No comments

“Es interessiert uns nix. Warum auch? Wir müssten ja sonst was tun.”

November 9th, 2011 1 comment

Hagen Rether‘s Auftritt bei “Neues aus der Anstalt“.

English transcription:
(Link to Youtube video with english subtitles)

Rether! Hello.

Winners don’t exist any more. Only loosers exist nowadays. There are just to types of loosers. The guilty ones and the un-guilty ones.

In Libya there were no winners as well. But a Libyan now has the possibility having four women again. Wouldn’t this be the moment introducing womens rights now? Let us bomb Libya.

Since Peter Struck are SPD ordered air strikes a suitable mean for development aid. Democracy-bombers, we’re sending now. Because it’s so easy. Now Peter Struck became a member of the board of the “Friedrich Ebert Foundation”. Poor Friedrich Ebert. If he knew, he would alternately turn over in his grave and vomit, turn over in his grave and vomit, turn over in his grave and vomit.

And if, in Afghanistan, the aid of the women would continue to be so successful, we should be obligated to do so as well in other coutries. Everything else would be failure of performance. In Uzbekhistan, where women are being kidnapped, and in Saudi-Arabia where they aren’t alowed to drive a car. But we just don’t bother. It’s just not our business. We don’t even manage to support the opposition in Syria or in Iran. We just don’t bother. We don’t see any interest. It’s not our business.

Let us finally bomb India, for example. In India half a billion women are living in a caste system, which has nothing to do which rights for democracy, human rights or rights for women. But we fly there for Goa parties for enjoying the Ayurveda massages. They even get the nuclear weapon, as India is known for being a stable democracy.

There we stand in Calcutta with our back pack and watch how the kids are dying in the sunk. “Come on Hagen this is a tradition in India. The Indian does not know other than his caste system. They have a total different handling over dead and poverty. Who are we to think we should interfere, this would be arrogant and colonial.” “Yes true.” “Further the Indian lives from tourism. How would it be if India could finally live from what it produces? But no they aren’t allowed to do so. They get seeds by Monsanto, which doesn’t work. Thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide, which isn’t so bad for us, as the farmer’s widows perfectly know how to offer us Ayurveda massages.”

We just don’t bother. We don’t see any interest. It’s not our business.

And here everyone shouts for transparency and information. For the sake of what? We don’t do anything with it. We know everything, but don’t permutate our know-how. We would have to change our lives. Information for the sake of informing? That doesn’t help.

We know all under what poor circumstances these iPhones are being produced. But instead of feeling bad about it we buy that crap and stand in the queue for it. And Bill Gates, ahm sorry, Steve Jobs will be praised as employer-god for the next 300 years and clever inventor. “Hey Hagen, they don’t even have agreed wages in China. You can’t compare that. If the Chinese or the Indians would pay agreed wages, IKEA could close their business.”

Try buying a jogging suite in a store here which doesn’t come from a oblique Police state. We just don’t bother. We don’t see any interest. Nothing. Never. It’s not our business.

Mexico? I don’t know anything about it. I know that they starve because they can’t bake Tortillas any more, as the Maize price is being speculated to high. Our cattle gets that stuff in Germany and the rest used is as fuel.

“Oh shit the mineral oil is getting scarce soon. What should be using to tank up now?” “Mhmmm. Let us maybe tank up aliments.” “Oh good idea, but not our aliments, theirs.” “Well sure. It also was their mineral oil, stupid. Moron.”

We just don’t bother. We would have to do something. Which is silly. No we don’t. We are happy as it is.

And we think these undemocratic misogynist tribal structures in Afganistan are unappetising. Where we should do something against it. “Let us finally bomb the Masai in Africa. They live in tribal structures there. A Masai women is worth less than a sugar beet.” Is this of interest to us? “The Masai need elections for mayors, WIFI, suburban railways and washing machines. The Masai warriors marry 12 and 14 year old girls. This is unsupportable for us democrats. We should bomb away these Masai finally. This is hardly bearable. The Masai warriors will then be transmuted into ISAF Police men and the girls then go to schools and the kids being adopted by Madonna. For that they learn waht Democracy is. And then we’ll do this everywhere.”

Sure. It’s about free trade, not about Democracy. Horst Köhler (former German President) was the only guy who had the guts to name that we’re waging economical wars and a week later he was gone. It’s about free trade. And after that in the future we can sell our subsidised chicken feet to the Masai. – Happy christmas goose!