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VLG7983 go around

April 13th, 2017 No comments

ATC recording of VLG7983 going around in LSZH on 13th of April 2017 audio transcript.

VLG7983 13APR2017 1830Z

1830Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 left turn heading 090
VLG7983: left 090

1832Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 reduce to(!) 200kt and contact final 125.325
VLG7983: speed 200kt and 125.325 VLG7983 good night

1832Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: ahh. Final good afternoon VLG7983 FL80
APP: VLG7983 ZRH final hello descend to FL70
VLG7983: descending FL70 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983reduce speed to 180kt
VLG7983: speed 180 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 030
VLG7983: left heading 030 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 360
VLG7983: left heading 360 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 descend to 6000ft QNH 1015
VLG7983: descending to 6000ft QNH 1015 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 reduce speed to 160kt
VLG7983: speed to 160 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 300 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 28 call when established
VLG7983: left heading 300 descending 5000ft cleared ILS rwy 28 and call you when established 7983

VLG7983: VLG7983 fully established ILS rwy 28
APP: VLG7983 roger

APP: VLG7983 reduce to minimum approach speed contact tower 118.1 bye bye
VLG7983: minimum speed and 118.1 VLG7983 bye

1840Z LSZH TWR 118.100
VLG7983: Tower good evening VLG7983 fully established ILS 28
TWR: VLG7983 tower hello continue approach
VLG7983: 7983

TWR: REGA1 confirm you have your transponder on
REGA1: (โ€ฆ) negative sorry
TWR: kรคs problem
REGA1: Jetz isch on
TWR: Danke vilmal, identified
REGA1: (โ€ฆ)
TWR: thank you

1841Z LSZH TWR 118.100
NLY6CQ: Fly Niki 6CQ can we use rwy 34?
TWR: VLG7983 go around
VLG7983: going around VLG7983
TWR: EIN34G yes that would have been possible but the 380 has blocked the way out there
EIN34G: ok

1842Z LSZH TWR 118.100
TWR: VLG7983 climb to 5000ft
VLG7983: climbing 5000ft VLG7983

TWR: VLG7983 contact arrival 118.0 good bye
VLG7983: 118.0 VLG7983 bye

1842Z LSZH APP 118.000
VLG7983: Approach good evening VLG7983 going around from rwy 28
APP: VLG7983 hello again climb to 6000ft
VLG7983: 6000 VLG7983
APP: and VLG7983 just confirm your are ready for the next approach?
VLG7983: yes, we are
APP: roger VLG7983 when passing 5000ft turn left heading 100 voctoring ILS 28 again
VLG7983: ok passing 5000 left heading 100 VLG7983
APP: VLG7983 30 track miles to touchdown fly minimum clean spead
VLG7983: we are on minimum clean speed VLG7983 how many track miles
APP: 3-0
VLG7983: 30 thats copied

1846Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 095
VLG7983: left left heading 095 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 contact final again 125.325 good bye
VLG7983: 125.325 VLG7983 bye

1847Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: ok, final good evening again VLG7983 heading 0956000
APP: VLG7983 ZRH final hello again reduce the speed to 180kt
VLG7983: speed 180 VLG7983

1848Z LSZH APP 125.325
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 010
VLG7983: left heading 010 VLG7983

1849Z LSZH APP 125.325
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 300
VLG7983: left heading 300 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 28 report established
VLG7983: descending 5000 cleared ILS 28 report established VLG7983

1850Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: VLG7983 fully established
APP: VLG7983 roger

APP: VLG7983 reduce speed to 160kt
VLG7983: speed 160 7983

APP: VLG7983 no more speed restrictions contact tower 118.1 adios
VLG7983: 118.1 VLG7983 thank you, bye

1854Z LSZH TWR 118.100
VLG7983: tower good evening VLG7983 fully established ILS 28
TWR: VLG7983 hello again. continue approach. after landing to the left rwy 16 is available as a taxiway
VLG7983: thats copied rwy 16 available for taxi VLG7983

TWR: VLG7983 300 degrees 10kt rwy 28 cleared to land
VLG7983: cleared to land rwy 28 VLG7983

1856Z LSZH TWR 118.100
TWR: VLG7983 left into rwy 16 contact APRON 121.750
VLG7983: left into 16 and 121.750 VLG7983 thanks bye

1856Z LSZH APRON 121.750
VLG7983: APRON good evening VLG7893(!) on rwy 16
APRON: VLG7983 taxi via E7 and N to to stand A42
VLG7983: E7 and N to stand A42 VLG7983

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LSZH TWR ATCO signing off

October 19th, 2014 No comments

Tonight at 21:12 UTC one of the LSZH (Zurich Airport) Tower Air Traffic Control Operators signed off after 32 years and did his last call.
Listen to what he said and what the Pilot, of SWR180 with destination VTBS (Bangkok), responded:

Transcript of LSZH TWR 118.100 Mhz SUN 19OCT2014 2112Z
SWR180: SWR 1-8-0
LSZH TWR: Now I will do my last radio call and then after 32 years of Tower LSZH this will be the end for me and I will put away the microphone
SWR180: You are such a badass! I am so happy that I am the one responding to your last call.
LSZH TWR: Nice! A good planem the right destination and that will be it: SWR180 wind 1-4-0 degrees 5kt runway 34 cleared for takeoff. Bye bye!
SWR180: Cleared for takeoff runway 34 SWR180. Thanks a lot all good and I want to see you on my plane one day.
LSZH TWR: Thanks a lot

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“Niner” vs. “Nine”

July 7th, 2014 No comments

In ATC (Air Traffic Control) phraseology some numbers are spoken particularly, such as number 3 is pronounced “tree” instead of “three” and number 9 as “niner”. – Here is a short example why:

Source: LiveATC


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Uniden Bearcat 780 XLT

June 25th, 2014 No comments

Bloody aaaawwwwwsome!
Listen to the stream





zero flap landing of SXS77U at LSZH

July 5th, 2013 No comments

SXS77U LSZH 0-flap 05JUL2013SXS77U (Boeing 737) from Antalya (LTAI) seemingly had some troubles with the altimeter and therefore decided to do a “zero flap” landing, with about 191 knodts (354 km/h) on final in LSZH.
Listen to the ATC recording from Zurich EAST approach (LSZH APP) over Zurich WEST approach (LSZH APP) until Zurich Tower (LSZH TWR).

Source: LiveATC

LSZH Approach EAST Frequency 131.150
LSZH APP: SXS77U arrival good afternoon descend to FL110 expect ILS rwy 14 no delay

LSZH APP: SXS77U fly heading 250 for radar vectors into left hand downwind
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH APP: roger descend to FL80
SXS77U: descend FL80 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U reduce speed 230 knodts about 35 miles from touchdown
SXS77U: reduce speed 230 knodts SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 300 descend to 6000ft QNH 1027
SXS77U: (unreadable) 300 SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U correct speed 210 knodts

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn left heading 260 descend to 5000ft
SXS77U: left heading 260 descending 5000 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U speed 180kt turn left heading 230
SXS77U: (unreadable)

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn left heading 170 descend to 4000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 14 report established
SXS77U: (unreadable)

LSZH APP: go ahead
SXS77U: we have a ?? radar vectors for holding point
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger then climb again to 6000ft and continue on turn right heading 220
SXS77U: right 220 climb to 6000ft SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger and can you say again the nature of the problem
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH APP: I understand altimeter problem?
SXS77U: altimeter problem SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger expect vectors to GIPOL holding turn right heading 250
SXS77U: expect GIPOL holding (unreadable)

SXS77U: SXS77U would you please confirm the point again?
LSZH APP: it said GIPOL holding
SXS77U: confirm the point GOLF INDIA PAPA OSCAR LIMA
LSZH APP: GOLF INDIA PAPA OSCAR LIMA that is correct, the current position about 1-0 miles on heading 240
SXS77U: 10 miles thanks
LSZH APP: SXS77U contact now Zurich arrival on 118 decimal 0 he is informed about the nature of your problem
SXS77U: 118 decimal 3 thanks SXS77U
LSZH APP: 1-1-8-0
SXS77U: 118.0 SXS77U

LSZH Approach WEST Frequency 118.0
SXS77U: Arrival SXS77U
LSZH APP: SXS77U to the arrival hello climb to FL70

LSZH APP: SXS77U proceed GIPOL and hold be advised longest available runway in Zurich is rwy 16 ILS approach
SXS77U: Thank you very much for the information and hold over GIPOL SXS77U

SXS77U: SXS77U may we climb up to FL80 or 90
LSZH APP: SXS77U climb to FL90 join the holding keep me advised
SXS77U: climb FL90 join the holding and keep you informed SXS77U

SXS77U: Arrival SXS77U we are finished with the checklist and request radar vectoring for ILS rwy 16
LSZH APP: SXS77U roger expect radar vectoring rwy 16 we’ll give you a long lineup and confirm the status of your aircraft
SXS77U: we will make a landing with all flaps up landing SXS77U
LSZH APP: ok, this case 0 flap landing SXS77U fire brigade will be on standby then on the runway be advised surface winds 070 degrees 7kt I call call you back for the radar vectors in about two minutes
SXS77U: yes Sir, we will stay on the runway after landing and wait for radar vector SXS77U
LSZH APP: roger, you will stay on the runway, copy that SXS770 will you be later on able to taxi away or do you need a tow?
SXS77U: we need a tow, Sir SXS77U most probably the speed break will be very hot
LSZH APP: roger fire brigade will be on standby next to your aircraft after the landing to cool your breaks and we will organise as well a tow to tow you then when everything is safe back to the stand
SXS77U: thank you very much SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 040 radar vectoring ILS approach rwy 16
SXS77U: right heading 040 degrees radar vectors for ILS rwy 16 SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U you have 37 miles to touchdown descend to FL70 no speed restrictions during the entire approach
SXS77U: descending FL70 no speed restriction thank you very much SXS77U
LSZH APP: you are welcome, you will be number one for ILS rwy 16
SXS77U: thank you

LSZH APP: SXS77U for your information fire brigade is ready on rwy 16
SXS77U: thank you, Sir SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS77U turn right heading 060 descend 6000ft QNH 1027
SXS77U: right heading 060 degrees descending to 6000ft QNH 1027 SXS77U
LSZH APP: roger will be a lineup about 15 miles is that ok for you?
SXS77U affirm, Sir it’s ok SXS77U

LSZH APP: go ahead
OSZ: ah we are here descending 130 approaching ZULU HOTEL 625
LSZH APP: and you are a Citation XL and which ATIS do you have?
LSZH APP: roger please check CHARLIE
OSZ: wildo

LSZH APP: SXS77U descend to 5000ft
SXS77U: descending 5000ft SXS77U

LSZH APP: SXS770 please report souls on board and any dangerous goods
SXS77U: no dangerous goods sir and just standby for souls
LSZH APP: roger
SXS77U: we have 174 souls on board SXS77U
LSZH APP: 1-7-4 souls on board turn right heading 130 intercept localiser rwy 16
SXS77U: right heading 130 degrees intercept localiser rwy 16 SXS770

LSZH APP: SXS770 descend to 4000ft cleared for the ILS approach rwy 16 report established
SXS77U: descending 4000ft cleared for the ILS approach rwy 16 will call you when establishing SXS770

LSZH APP: SXS770 are you established?
SXS77U: affirm, Sir established SXS770
LSZH APP: roger contact tower 118 decimal 1 good bye
SXS77U: 118.1 thank you very much Sir SXS770

LSZH Tower Frequency 118.1
SWR107E: go ahead
LSZH TWR: There will be a slight delay for you a landing traffic on a crossing rwy is approaching 4 miles with a 0-flap landing on a very high approach speed
SWR107E: is copied SWR107E
LSZH TWR: (unreadable) in case you do abort the takeoff
SWR107E: is blocked SWR107E

SXS77U: SXS770 ILS rwy 16
LSZH TWR: hello SXS770 wind 060 degrees 5 kt rwy 16 you are cleared to land
SXS77U: cleared to land rwy 16 SXS770
LSZH TWR: and the equipment is waiting at the runway
SXS77U: excellent, thank you SXS770

LSZH TWR: Swiss 564 flight delayed due to traffic landing on the crossing runway which requires a rwy check after landing
SWR564: copied 564
LSZH TWR: wind check 070 degrees knodts for rwy 16

LSZH TWR: and Tower SXS770 hold position the fire brigade is coming out
SXS77U: holding position SXS770
LSZH TWR: do you have hot breaks do you need any break cooling?
SXS77U: affirm we need SXS770
LSZH TWR: you need break cooling do confirm
SXS77U: affirm SXS770

SXS77U: go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: the fire brigade wants you to shut down your engines please
SXS77U: (unreadable)
LSZH TWR: say again, please
SXS77U: we need one minute SXS770
LSZH TWR: ok, that is checked

SXS77U: Tower SXS770
SXS77U: would you please give us the frequency for the fire brigade?
LSZH TWR: the problem is they only speak german
SXS77U: hehe excellent thank you
LSZH TWR: ahm very excellent (โ€ฆ) can I tell them what you like?
SXS77U: actually I wanted to coordinate the operation but anyways they know what to do thank you very much

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: What would be the indication of your break temperature?
SXS77U: we don’t have an indication SXS770

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: you don’t speak german by chance or got a co-pilot who speaks german
SXS77U: unfortunately (..) we only speak english, Sir

LSZH TWR: and SXS770 for your information cooling f?? and air cooling
SXS77U: thank you that is copied, Sir SXS770

SXS77U: Go ahead SXS770
LSZH TWR: please switch to GND 121.9
SXS77U: 121.9 SXS770 thank you

(unfortunately GND is not covered by Live ATC recordings)


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Have you seen the Fox?

June 9th, 2013 No comments

fox at the airport

Tonight (09JUN2013 at 19:48 UTC) at LSZH a living Fox has been spotted by a departing aircraft from runway 32. Listen to the ATC conversation, which he caused:

Source: LiveATC

ATC Transcript:
[TWR]: SWR1584 departure bye bye
[SWR1584]: To departure bye bye SWR1584 and for your information we had a living Fox just on the runway
[TWR]: ok thank you
[SWR564]: ade

[TWR]: SWR564 you copied?
[SWR564]: Yes SWR564
[TWR]: And you're ready for departure?
[SWR564]: Affirm SWR564
[TWR]: Thank you
[SWR979]: Tower guete n'Abig Swiss 4 and a half miles 28. 979 4 and a half miles ILS 28
[TWR]: SWR979 hello

[TWR]: SWR564 wind 340 degrees 4 knodts runway 32 cleared takeoff
[SWR564]: Runway 32 cleared for takeoff SWR564
[TWR]: HAM281E lineup runway 32
[HAM281E]: Lining-up 32 HAM281E

[TWR]: CHN34J good evening, you're ready?
[CHN34J]: affirm 34J
[TWR]: Roger

[TWR]: SWR2147 APRON 121.75 guet Nacht
[SWR2147]: 121.75 guet Nacht SWR2147
[TWR]: SWR979 wind 010 degrees 3 knodts runway 28 cleared to land
[SWR979]: Cleared to land 28 SWR979
[SWR979]: Is 16 available? SWR979
[TWR]: Affirm
[SWR979]: Merci

(longer pause)

[TWR]: SWR564 have you seen the Fox?
[SWR564]: Negative, SWR564
[TWR]: Danke schรถn. Contact departure, guet Nacht
[SWR564]: Departure, guet Nacht SWR564

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TCU in vicinity at LSZH

April 26th, 2013 No comments

SWR1174 flew a large DEGES 2W departure to avoid heavy TCU/CB and rain shower in vicinity at LSZH.
Let’s hope the oxygen masks will not drop in this Jumbolino, which happens from time to time in such old aircrafts. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

LSZH 261550Z 27011KT 9999 VCSH FEW045TCU BKN085 19/11 Q1008 TEMPO SHRA
("TCU" stands for "Towering Cumulus")
Station : LSZH
Day : 26
Time : 15:50 UTC
Wind direction: 270 (W)
Wind speed : 11 KT
Wind gust : 11 KT
Visibility : 9999 M
Temperature : 19 C
Dewpoint : 11 C
Pressure : 1008 hPa
Clouds : BKN at 8500 ft
Phenomena : Vicinity Showers
Showers Rain

Strong CB LSZH 26ZAPR2013 SWR1174 26APR2013 1604Z

Update (26APR2013 1628Z): SWR1174 landed safely in EDDS

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UAE85: “rwy 28 is a bit tight”

March 25th, 2013 No comments

Swissradar Air Traffic Controller tries to send an Emirates Boeing 777 from Dubai to land on runway 28 in LSZH. – Watch the reaction of the Pilot. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
METAR: LSZH 251920Z 35006KT 320V030 5000 -SN BKN009 OVC030 M01/M03 Q1006 R88/29//// NOSIG
(The runway is wet due to snow and crosswinds blow on rwy 28, tailwind to rwy 14. A landing to rwy 32 or 34 would be optimal, but LSZH does not foresee any approach to rwy 32 and rwy34 ist politically controversial. Length of runway 28 is 8’202ft only and rwy 14 10’826ft. The runway 10/28 would be a bit “tight” to land a B777 under such conditions.)

ATC transcript (Swissradar LSAS CTR):

Source: LiveATC

[24032013 19:30:27 UTC]
UAE85: Good evening Emirates 85 flightlevel 220 descending flightlevel 200
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 hello identified descend flightlevel 130, are you able for runway 28?
UAE85: Flightlevel 130 standby Emirates 85


[24032013 19:31:06 UTC]
UAE85: Emirates 85 will there be any delay for runway 14?


[24032013 19:31:42 UTC]
LSAS CTR: 85 youuuuu can expect runway 14 no delay proceed to TANGO ROMEO ALPHA vectors for 14
UAE85: Proceed TANGO ROMEO ALPHA runway 14 runway 28 is just a little bit tight
LSAS CTR: Roger you can expect 14
UAE85: Thank you TANGO ROMEO ALPHA Emirates 85


[24032013 19:33:06 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 contact arrival 131 decimal 150
UAE85: 131.150 Emirates 85 thanks

(switching to LSZH APP then LSZH TWR)

ATC transcript (Zurich Tower):

Source: LiveATC

[24032013 19:52:04 UTC]
UAE85: Good evening Emirates 85 ILS runway 14
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 Zurich tower hello you are number two for your information last taxiway, taxiway HOTEL 3 is blocked
UAE85: I copied that HOTEL three is blocked Emirates 85

(HOTEL 3 is blocked, because other aircrafts are holding short at HOTEL 3 for departure from rwy 32, as winds are now favorable for rwy 32 t/o and rwy 28 landing)

[24032013 19:53:37 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 tailwind 4 knots runway 14 cleared to land
UAE85: Cleared to land, Emirates 85

[24032013 19:55:34 UTC]
LSAS CTR: Emirates 85 contact APRON 121 decimal 850 bye bye
UAE85: 121.850 Emirates 85 good evening

LSZH flight calibration

March 21st, 2013 No comments

Today a Hawker Beech King Air 350 (reg.-nr. D-CFMD) made some calibrations within LSZH airspace.

D-CFMD LSZH 21032013 1500Z

Source: Fr24

wide holding pattern

January 15th, 2013 No comments

LX289 arriving from FAJS obviously was to early to land on rwy 34 in LSZH and was sent into an exceptionally wide holding pattern.

LX289 large hodling pattern