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VLG7983 go around

April 13th, 2017 No comments

ATC recording of VLG7983 going around in LSZH on 13th of April 2017 audio transcript.

VLG7983 13APR2017 1830Z

1830Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 left turn heading 090
VLG7983: left 090

1832Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 reduce to(!) 200kt and contact final 125.325
VLG7983: speed 200kt and 125.325 VLG7983 good night

1832Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: ahh. Final good afternoon VLG7983 FL80
APP: VLG7983 ZRH final hello descend to FL70
VLG7983: descending FL70 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983reduce speed to 180kt
VLG7983: speed 180 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 030
VLG7983: left heading 030 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 360
VLG7983: left heading 360 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 descend to 6000ft QNH 1015
VLG7983: descending to 6000ft QNH 1015 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 reduce speed to 160kt
VLG7983: speed to 160 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 300 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 28 call when established
VLG7983: left heading 300 descending 5000ft cleared ILS rwy 28 and call you when established 7983

VLG7983: VLG7983 fully established ILS rwy 28
APP: VLG7983 roger

APP: VLG7983 reduce to minimum approach speed contact tower 118.1 bye bye
VLG7983: minimum speed and 118.1 VLG7983 bye

1840Z LSZH TWR 118.100
VLG7983: Tower good evening VLG7983 fully established ILS 28
TWR: VLG7983 tower hello continue approach
VLG7983: 7983

TWR: REGA1 confirm you have your transponder on
REGA1: (…) negative sorry
TWR: käs problem
REGA1: Jetz isch on
TWR: Danke vilmal, identified
REGA1: (…)
TWR: thank you

1841Z LSZH TWR 118.100
NLY6CQ: Fly Niki 6CQ can we use rwy 34?
TWR: VLG7983 go around
VLG7983: going around VLG7983
TWR: EIN34G yes that would have been possible but the 380 has blocked the way out there
EIN34G: ok

1842Z LSZH TWR 118.100
TWR: VLG7983 climb to 5000ft
VLG7983: climbing 5000ft VLG7983

TWR: VLG7983 contact arrival 118.0 good bye
VLG7983: 118.0 VLG7983 bye

1842Z LSZH APP 118.000
VLG7983: Approach good evening VLG7983 going around from rwy 28
APP: VLG7983 hello again climb to 6000ft
VLG7983: 6000 VLG7983
APP: and VLG7983 just confirm your are ready for the next approach?
VLG7983: yes, we are
APP: roger VLG7983 when passing 5000ft turn left heading 100 voctoring ILS 28 again
VLG7983: ok passing 5000 left heading 100 VLG7983
APP: VLG7983 30 track miles to touchdown fly minimum clean spead
VLG7983: we are on minimum clean speed VLG7983 how many track miles
APP: 3-0
VLG7983: 30 thats copied

1846Z LSZH APP 118.000
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 095
VLG7983: left left heading 095 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 contact final again 125.325 good bye
VLG7983: 125.325 VLG7983 bye

1847Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: ok, final good evening again VLG7983 heading 0956000
APP: VLG7983 ZRH final hello again reduce the speed to 180kt
VLG7983: speed 180 VLG7983

1848Z LSZH APP 125.325
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 010
VLG7983: left heading 010 VLG7983

1849Z LSZH APP 125.325
APP: VLG7983 turn left heading 300
VLG7983: left heading 300 VLG7983

APP: VLG7983 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS approach rwy 28 report established
VLG7983: descending 5000 cleared ILS 28 report established VLG7983

1850Z LSZH APP 125.325
VLG7983: VLG7983 fully established
APP: VLG7983 roger

APP: VLG7983 reduce speed to 160kt
VLG7983: speed 160 7983

APP: VLG7983 no more speed restrictions contact tower 118.1 adios
VLG7983: 118.1 VLG7983 thank you, bye

1854Z LSZH TWR 118.100
VLG7983: tower good evening VLG7983 fully established ILS 28
TWR: VLG7983 hello again. continue approach. after landing to the left rwy 16 is available as a taxiway
VLG7983: thats copied rwy 16 available for taxi VLG7983

TWR: VLG7983 300 degrees 10kt rwy 28 cleared to land
VLG7983: cleared to land rwy 28 VLG7983

1856Z LSZH TWR 118.100
TWR: VLG7983 left into rwy 16 contact APRON 121.750
VLG7983: left into 16 and 121.750 VLG7983 thanks bye

1856Z LSZH APRON 121.750
VLG7983: APRON good evening VLG7893(!) on rwy 16
APRON: VLG7983 taxi via E7 and N to to stand A42
VLG7983: E7 and N to stand A42 VLG7983

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LSZH go-arounds

December 28th, 2012 No comments

… the 27th of December was quite a windy day for LSZH approach. – Especially for the poor Phenom and Falcon 2000 the landing must have been quite shakey!1!!

METAR 27DEC2012:
LSZH 271650Z 21016KT 170V240 9999 -RA FEW015 BKN030 08/05 Q1009 TEMPO 26022G40KT RA
LSZH 271720Z 24024G40KT 7000 RA FEW015 FEW025TCU BKN030 08/05 Q1011 TEMPO TS
LSZH 271750Z 25017G29KT 9999 RA FEW015 SCT020 BKN040 06/03 Q1012 BECMG N

27DEC2012 1718Z BER338J go around
27DEC2012 1736Z SWR125M go around
Change of landing runway from 14 to 28 due to windsheer & gusts
27DEC2012 1740Z IBE34KV go around
27DEC2012 1746Z PJS702 exceptional holding
27DEC2012 1748Z VPBBP holding over AMIKI
27DEC2012 1832Z SWR325M go around
27DEC2012 1836Z SWR151E go around
27DEC2012 1938Z BER890J go around
27DEC2012 2040Z SWR5081 exceptional holding KLO VOR-DME

Recording 27th December 2012 starting at 1700Z:

Transcript [27DEC2012]
[1701Z] - BAW718 after final rwy 14, vacating rwy. BER338J go-around.
LSZH TWR: Speedbird 718 contact Apron 121 decimal 85
BAW718: 121.85 Speedbird 718. - Be advised we had windsheer when reaching 1800ft, - would you?
LSZH TWR: Windsheers at 1800ft QNH?
BAW718: Att 1800ft after passing 1200ft
LSZH TWR: Thank you. Break. Break. Wind 220 degrees 20kt 48Y cleared to land 14.
48Y: Cleared to land 14. 48Y thank you.
JAL330: JAT330 final 14.
LSZH TWR: Tower good evening, continue approach. We have a windsheer report 1800ft QNH speed loss.
JAT330: Thank you.
JAT330: Cleared to land rwy 14. Just confirm, ya?
LSZH TWR: Not yet. Just continue approach preceeding is mid runway.
JAT330: Ok, thanks.
BER338J: Tower good day Air Berlin 338J on the ILS 14
LSZH TWR: JAT330 cleared to land rwy 14 wind 220 20kt
JAT330: Cleared to land 14. JAT330
LSZH TWR: Air Berlin 338 JULIET Tower grüezi, continue approach. Wind check 220 degrees 20kt we have a windsheer warning 1800ft QNH speed loss.
BER338J: AirBerlin 338 JULIET going around 14. Standard
LSZH TWR: BER338J continue missed approach
BER338J: Wilco
LSZH TWR: BER338J contact arrival 131.15
BER338J: 131.15 there was a windsheer warning. - Thank you
LSZH TWR: Thank you.

[1718Z] SWR125M go-around
SWR125M: Swiss 125M in a go-around.
SWR125M: And Swiss 125M is reaching 5000ft
LSZH TWR: Swiss 125M roger, contact Arrival 131.15
SWR125M: 131.15 SWR125M

[1718Z] IBE34KV go-around
IBE34KV: Zurich Tower. Good afternoon Iberia 34 KILO VICTOR runway 14
LSZH TWR: IBE34KV LSQH TWR good evening. Wind 270 degrees 20kt, runway 14 cleared to land.
IBE34KV: Cleared to land IBE34KV
IBE34KV: Tower for your information we are performing a ???
LSZH TWR: IBE34KV standard missed approach
IBE34KV: Standard missed approach IBE34KV
LSZH TWR: Iberia 34 VIC... correction 34KILO VICTOR contact Arrival 131.15
IBE34KV: 31.15 IBE34KV

[1722Z] Departure cancellation SWR032U
SWR032U: SWR032U listen we can accept 15kt crosswind maximum.
LSZH TWR: Yeah it's 26kt from 260 degrees and it doesn't look like its gonna get better within the next minutes. - Would you like runway 28 for departure?
SWR032U: We're too heavy for 28 that's the problem. SWR032U
LSZH TWR: And SWR33U how about 32? - From the wind, well with the wind of 260 degrees at 27?
SWR032U: Ahh, negative. - 32 UNIFORM
SWISS032U: SWR032U we have a new calculation and we are able 28 right now
LSZH TWR: SWR032U taxi down the runway and I call for the left turn to exit
CALLSIGN: Ok, let's copy taxiing down the long runway 16 and standing by for a left turnout SWR032U
LSZH TWR: SWR032U vacate ECHO 3. You're ready copy new plan?
SWR032U: Vacate ECHO 3 and standby for the clearance SWR032U
LSZH TWR: SWR032U Report when you're ready to copy
SWR032U: Will call when ready to copy SWR032U
LSZH TWR: SWR032U ready to copy clearance for 28?
SWR032U: 5 seconds standby shortly SWR032U
SWR032U: SWR032U ready to copy
LSZH TWR: SWR032U recleared runway 28 VEBIT 3 WHISKEY departure
SWR032U: Runway 28 VEBIT 3 whiskey departure SWR032U
LSZH TWR: SWR032U right on ECHO 121.85 bis nachher
CALLSIGN: Right E, 121.85 jawohl bis gleich SWR032U

[1733Z] SWR125M second approach
]SWR125M: SWR125M on ILS 28
LSZH TWR: SWR125M your number one for 28. Wind check 270 degrees 40kt.
SWR125M: Say again the wind for the Swiss 125 MIKE
LSZH TWR: The wind for landing 28 270 degrees 38
SWR125M: OK. That's copied.
LSZH TWR: SWR125M current winds 270 degrees 37kt runway 28 cleared to land, runway 16 is available for taxi
SWR125M: Cleared to land SWR125M

SWR674H happy easter

December 23rd, 2012 No comments

ATC conversation between LSZH Tower and SWR674H (23rd December 2012 12:09 UTC), one day before Christmas:

[23DEC2012 1209Z]
LSZH TWR: Swiss 6-7-4 HOTEL contact departure. – Ade.
SWR674H: Contacting Departure, Swiss 6-7-4 HOTEL. – Tschüss Huggi, guete Dienscht!
LSZH TWR: Tschau Roger, Dir au und schöni, frohsinnigi Oschtere! (Engl: Happy Easter!)
SWR674H: Genau, wünschi au, tschüss!
LSZH TWR: Tschau.

SWR674H (23rd December 2012): Flight route recording
Source: LiveATC

ELT 3nm on final rwy 34 LSZH

May 26th, 2012 No comments

20120526 0938 UTC: Tonight there was an ELT signal on 121.500 Mhz around 3.7nm on final approach to rwy 34. – Maybe a glider in LSZK, which hit the runway hardly? Or a test ELT?

Source: LiveATC

This is how an ELT sounds like:

Coffee with LSZH tower

May 24th, 2012 No comments

ATC conversation between LSZH Tower and OLT 277 (25th of May 2012 2126 UTC) cut-together:

[20120523 2126Z]
OLT277: Tower good evening OLTRA 277 [taxiway] KILO [runway] 28
LSZH TWR: Grüezi OLTRA 277 tower lineup and wait runway 32
OLT277: Lineup and wait runway 32 OLTRA 277

[20120523 2127Z]
LSZH TWR: OLTRA 277 winds 340 degrees 2 knots runway 32 cleared for takeoff
OLT277: cleared for takeoff runway 32 OLTRA 277

[20120523 2129Z]
LSZH TWR: OLTRA 277 confirm passing 3000 feet.
OLT277: affirm OLTRA 277
LSZH TWR: Danke identified remain on my frequency climb flightlevel 120
OLT277: Level 120 [OLTRA] 277 und vielen Dank, dass das auch so schnell ging
LSZH TWR: Ja ansonsten hätten wir Sie zum Kaffee eingeladen hier oben
OLT277: Das nächste Mal, danke

[20120523 2131Z]
LSZH TWR: OLTRA 277 when passing FL80 proceed direct ALAGO
OLT277: when passing [FL] 80 direct ALAGO OLTRA 277

[20120523 2132Z]
LSZH TWR: OLTRA 277 contact swissradar on 133.9 Schönen Heimflug
OLT277: Ok, danke 133.9 OLTRA 277 Schönen Dank nochmal

OLT277 (23. May 2012): Flight route recording
Source: LiveATC