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Have you seen the Fox?

June 9th, 2013 No comments

fox at the airport

Tonight (09JUN2013 at 19:48 UTC) at LSZH a living Fox has been spotted by a departing aircraft from runway 32. Listen to the ATC conversation, which he caused:

Source: LiveATC

ATC Transcript:
[TWR]: SWR1584 departure bye bye
[SWR1584]: To departure bye bye SWR1584 and for your information we had a living Fox just on the runway
[TWR]: ok thank you
[SWR564]: ade

[TWR]: SWR564 you copied?
[SWR564]: Yes SWR564
[TWR]: And you're ready for departure?
[SWR564]: Affirm SWR564
[TWR]: Thank you
[SWR979]: Tower guete n'Abig Swiss 4 and a half miles 28. 979 4 and a half miles ILS 28
[TWR]: SWR979 hello

[TWR]: SWR564 wind 340 degrees 4 knodts runway 32 cleared takeoff
[SWR564]: Runway 32 cleared for takeoff SWR564
[TWR]: HAM281E lineup runway 32
[HAM281E]: Lining-up 32 HAM281E

[TWR]: CHN34J good evening, you're ready?
[CHN34J]: affirm 34J
[TWR]: Roger

[TWR]: SWR2147 APRON 121.75 guet Nacht
[SWR2147]: 121.75 guet Nacht SWR2147
[TWR]: SWR979 wind 010 degrees 3 knodts runway 28 cleared to land
[SWR979]: Cleared to land 28 SWR979
[SWR979]: Is 16 available? SWR979
[TWR]: Affirm
[SWR979]: Merci

(longer pause)

[TWR]: SWR564 have you seen the Fox?
[SWR564]: Negative, SWR564
[TWR]: Danke schön. Contact departure, guet Nacht
[SWR564]: Departure, guet Nacht SWR564

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wide holding pattern

January 15th, 2013 No comments

LX289 arriving from FAJS obviously was to early to land on rwy 34 in LSZH and was sent into an exceptionally wide holding pattern.

LX289 large hodling pattern

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EUGEN5 LSZH (cops at Zurich airport)

June 5th, 2012 No comments

On Planefinder one can see police and fire brigade objects like EUGEN11, EUGEN5, URSULA4 and GALA18 taxying along the run- and taxiways in LSZH at night.

Tower, EUGEN5 speaking, good morning. Can we access runway 28?

This is quite handy, as any attacker with a Smartphone can see, where the cops are located, which would ease access to the airport facility and the aircrafts … 😎
*sigh* – What a misconception!

… they can even be tracked with the live and fully movable webcams of the airport. – And they actually should be audible on frequency as well!?

Ambu = Ambulance
Apron = Apron Control
Argus = Sight seeings
Diana = Gamekeeper
Eugen = Electro
Fabian = Workshop
Florian = Fire Brigade
Flupo = Airport Authority
Gala = Maintainance
Guido = Skyguide
Gusti = Airport Authority
Kondor = Snow Truck
Meteo = Weather
Orion = Ramp Safety
Parking = Parking
Riva = Airport Police
Simon = Safety Office
Turm = Approach / Runways
Ursula = Construction supervisor
Viktor = Cleaning
Zebra = Apron Service (Marshaller)

Denying the "nude scanner"

August 5th, 2010 No comments

Here’s why you should refuse to pass through the “nude scanner” at the airports: Feds admitted, that they were storing images of body scans at airport checkpoints.

See: Cnet News and this Boingboing article

Ask for manual scanning in case the feds are asking you to pass through the scanner and refer to the international human rights law.