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ADS 95 Ranger drones

May 1st, 2013 No comments

An ADS 95 Ranger Drone manufactured by Ruag has been spotted, circling over SIERRA (see VFR map at the bottom of the page) on approximately 4000ft at Zurich due to 1. Mai event.

This is how they look like in a close-up:

ADS 95 Ranger by Ruag

drokdo84.parsysrelated1.57627.Image drokdo84.parsysrelated1.72724.ImageLinks:
Drohnenstaffel 7
Drohnen Kommando 84
Dro Staffel 7

LSZH Tower therefore diverts departing traffic through a non-standard DEGES 2W departure route…
Non-Standard DEGES dep 01MAI2013

VFR map LSZH (point SIERRA):

Here’s a document written by a Colonel of the Swiss Air Force, published in the ILA magazine on 11th September 2012.

[Update 2nd May 2013]
In 2002 the swiss government prohibited the use of drones for surveillance of manifestations such as the 1st of Mai, arguing the application of drones to be unlawful. Though the law for public surveillance hasn’t changed meanwhile, the military application of the drone yesterday seems to have been legally admitted.

Extract of 10v10 swiss TV 1st of May 2002:

Denying the "nude scanner"

August 5th, 2010 No comments

Here’s why you should refuse to pass through the “nude scanner” at the airports: Feds admitted, that they were storing images of body scans at airport checkpoints.

See: Cnet News and this Boingboing article

Ask for manual scanning in case the feds are asking you to pass through the scanner and refer to the international human rights law.