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TCU in vicinity at LSZH

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SWR1174 flew a large DEGES 2W departure to avoid heavy TCU/CB and rain shower in vicinity at LSZH.
Let’s hope the oxygen masks will not drop in this Jumbolino, which happens from time to time in such old aircrafts. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

LSZH 261550Z 27011KT 9999 VCSH FEW045TCU BKN085 19/11 Q1008 TEMPO SHRA
("TCU" stands for "Towering Cumulus")
Station : LSZH
Day : 26
Time : 15:50 UTC
Wind direction: 270 (W)
Wind speed : 11 KT
Wind gust : 11 KT
Visibility : 9999 M
Temperature : 19 C
Dewpoint : 11 C
Pressure : 1008 hPa
Clouds : BKN at 8500 ft
Phenomena : Vicinity Showers
Showers Rain

Strong CB LSZH 26ZAPR2013 SWR1174 26APR2013 1604Z

Update (26APR2013 1628Z): SWR1174 landed safely in EDDS

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