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VBZ no Info

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Rhizom Widmung

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[…] Ein US-Programmierer verlor 2013 seinen Job, weil er seine Arbeit an chinesische Programmierer outgesourct hatte. Er selbst war im Büro jahrelang unentdeckt nur am Chatten und schaute Katzenvideos.

Source: 20Min 23SEP2014

Destruction, really?

May 3rd, 2014 No comments

But thanks to conservative MP and home secretary (UK) there’s happening an investigation now about who “vandalised the the women’s restroom of Parliament”

David Cameron warm air

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“Va Pensiero” – Riccardo Muti

October 23rd, 2013 No comments

Ma in questa sera mentre il choro cantava “Oh, mia patria si bella e perduta” ho pensato que se noi uccidiamo la cultura sul qui e fondata la storia dell’Italia, veramente sara la nostra patria bella e perduta!

Riccardo Muti

But this evening during the choir was singing “Oh fatherland, so beautiful and lost” I was thinking that if we murder the culture which forms the basis of the italian history, it truly would be our beautiful and lost fatherland!

Source ex opera Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi.

“Das Musikbusiness”

September 10th, 2013 No comments

musicbizlogoDas Musikbusiness
Funktionsweise, Eigenarten und Untergang
Eine Zusammenstellung von Fakten, Hintergründen und Möglichkeiten zum Thema Musikproduktion und -publikation

von Andy Stamm / Murphy’s Law veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2013

Keep Merida Brave!

May 19th, 2013 No comments

Merida, the extraordinary princess from Pixar’s movie Brave! has gone through a P.R. makeover by Disney’s. The whole point of the film’s character Merida was to show another image of a heroine, which doesn’t align with all expectations of society (or the medias which made them). Do be part Disney Princess Collection she got slimmed down, with wider eyes and a new glamourous hairdo.
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Invitation to the art exhibition “Wintersperre” by Nathalie Bissig


Opening: Sunday 5th May 2013 1500h CET
Exhibition: 5th May to 15th June 2013
(The exhibition is accessible 24h daily)
Location: Riedertal, Bürglen
5 Minutes below the chapel to the left. Wear good shoes.
Approach: Flüelen station or “Telldenkmal” Altdorf to Bürglen-Loreto with public transportation then 30min march.

Medieval Illustrations

April 19th, 2013 No comments

Through boingboing I came across this beautiful blog of medieval illustrations.

cats habits

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Joseph Beuys – Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja, Nee Nee Nee Nee Nee

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