Body Scanners

November 16th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

… they did it again. As mentioned in my blog beginning of August, TSA continues to illegally store pictures of scanned people.
See: Gizmodo.

Another example on what ridiculous forms the “war on terror” gains. Meanwhile the “Nackscanner” or “nude scanner” has been renamed into “Porno scanner”. To prepare your kids for the upcoming age of naked citizenship, get this guide:

What will we see next? Pregnant women that try to hide it from their husband, being disclosed by a TSA agent while passing through the security check? Detained fakirs and Sikhs because of the nails in their stomach and dagger in the turban?

Compete by finding your 0wn way to opt-out (e.g. with a creased shirt?) – Haha! Or maybe a “wet t-shirt contest flashmob” at your airport?

… get yourself a shirt and stay tuned! 😉

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