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“Got clearance, Clarence”

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Listen to this radio conversation between Pilot Clarence, Co-Pilot Roger, Navigator Victor and the ATC station.
Source: Airplane! (1980)

ATC: “209 You are cleared for take off”
Clarence: “Roger”
Roger: “Huh?”
ATC: “L.A. departure frequency 123.9”
Clarence: “Roger”
Roger: “Huh?”
Victor: “Request Vector, over”
Clarence: “What?”
ATC: “Flight 209 cleared for vector 324”
Roger: “We have clearance, Clarence”
Clarence: “Roger, Roger. What is our vector, Victor?”
Victor: “LA radio clearance, over”
Clarence: “That’s Clarence Oveur. Over”
Victor: “Roger”
Roger: “Huh?”
ATC: “Roger, over”
Roger: “What? – Huh? – Who?”

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