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SWR181 sightseeing inbond LSZH

SWR181 LSZH 21JUL2013 0402Z SäntisCaptain “Päuli” from flight SWR181 (reg.-nr HB-JME) seems to have had his last flight (VTBS-LSZH) and, – seemingly, – was allowed to do a little “sightseeing” through the Mountains, over “Säntis” before approaching rwy 34, where after the landing a “little surprise” was waiting for him…

Source: LiveATC

LSZH CTR Frequency 133.900
[21JUL2013 03:41 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 if you wish to turn to the Säntis, would be approved for sightseeing
SWR181: Oh that’s a great idea, we appreciate, SWR181, wildo

[21JUL2013 03:44 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 if you wish you could be number one for approach SWR179 is giving you the priority
SWR181: this is very kind of you, appreciate SWR181 thank you
LSZH APP: welcome

[21JUL2013 03:45 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to FL130
SWR181: 1-6-0 for 1-3-0 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:46 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 contact now arrival on 131.150 en schöne Tag no
SWR181: 131.150 danke glyfalls SWR181 byebye

LSZH APP EAST Frequency 131.150
[21JUL2013 03:48 UTC]
SWR181: arrival guete morge SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 Zurich arrival guete morge, expect vectoring ILS rwy 34 whenever you are ready
SWR181: we are ready any time SWR181
LSZH APP: 181 roger call you back
LSZH APP: SWR181 right turn heading 300
SWR181: right heading 300
LSZH APP: SWR179 you will be number two now to land thanks
SWR179: ok, no problem, SWR179
SWR179: have it, Päuli!
SWR181: so geil, gäll?
SWR179: geil, ja!

[21JUL2013 03:49 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to FL110 maintain green dot speed and expect approximately 50 track-miles
SWR181: that’s perfect descending 110 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 maintain green dot speed further descend will be in about 15 miles
SWR181: roger green dot speed and returning now heading 300 SWR181
LSZH APP: roger
LSZH APP: SWR181 are you visual at present position?
SWR181: affirm
LSZH APP: roger, maintain visual ground contact please
SWR181: wildo SWR181, mir sind e chly tüff, he? (we are a bit low, right?)
LSZH APP: ja genau, ok SWR181 do you wish to continue visually down to level 110?
SWR181: affirm, yes please SWR181
LSZH APP: danke

[21JUL2013 03:52 UTC]
SWR181: SWR181 may we turn heading 240 for a short while visually?
LSZH APP: affirm SWR181 visually
SWR181: danke
LSZH APP: SWR181 continue with with visual separation to terrain and contact now final 125.325 schöni letschti landig! (have a nice last landing!)
SWR181: danke vielmal, we change to final continue visually SWR181

LSZH APP FINAL Frequency 125.325
[21JUL2013 03:53 UTC]
SWR181: Zurich final guete tag SWR181 fully visual
LSZH APP: SWR181 final guete morge continue heading 240 and how many miles would you like to continue on this heading?
SWR181: eh SWR181 eh … SWR181 eh it’s ok we can continue the heading you want
LSZH APP: ok turn right heading 250 expect to take you to the localizer expect the landing time 04 you are number 1 this morning
SWR181: ok heading 250 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 speed minimum green around 220 knodts
SWR181: yeah we have 225 SWR181
LSZH APP: danke

[21JUL2013 03:54 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 descend to 6000 actually make it FL80 visually
SWR181: descending FL80 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:55 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 continue descend to 6000ft QNH 1019
SWR181: QNH1019 descending 6000ft SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:56 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn right heading 260
SWR181: right heading 260 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:57 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn now right heading 050
SWR181: right heading 050 SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 reduce speed to 180 knodts
SWR181: reducing 180 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:58 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 further right heading 080
SWR181: further right 080 SWR181

[21JUL2013 03:59 UTC]
LSZH APP: SWR181 turn now left heading 360 descend to 5000ft cleared ILS 34 report established
SWR181: left heading 360 cleared to 5000ft cleared ILS 34 call you established SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 heading 010 to intercept the ILS
SWR181: 010 the heading SWR181

[21JUL2013 04:00 UTC]
SWR181: 181 establised
LSZH APP: SWR181 danke schön number 1
SWR181: merci
LSZH APP: maintain 180 knodts until advised
SWR181: wilco SWR181
LSZH APP: SWR181 speed 160 knodts or greater to DME 5 contact tower 118.1 schöni zyt, schöne! (have a nice time!)
SWR181: danke vielmal für d’hilf super gsy SWR181 160 to 5 SWR181 (thanks for your assistance was great)

LSZH TWR Frequency 118.100
[21JUL2013 04:02 UTC]
SWR181: Zurich tower guete morge SWR181 ILS 34
LSZH TWR: SWR181 tower guete morge winds 260 degrees 3 knodts runway 34 cleared to land
SWR181: cleared to land rwy34 SWR181

[21JUL2013 04:05 UTC]
LSZH TWR: SWR181 contact Apron 121.850 schöne Tag und alles gueti für de Chef für sin nöchschte Abschnitt (and all the best to your boss for his next episode)
SWR181 (Co-Pilot): är strahlet über ds ganze Gsicht schöne Tag, danke vielmal! (he smiles all over his face)
LSZH TWR: merci
SWR181 (Pilot): danke dir au vielmal! (thanks a lot)
LSZH TWR: Gärn gscheh, ciao (welcome, bye)

LSZH TWR Frequency 121.850
[21JUL2013 04:06 UTC]
SWR181: Apron guete Tag SWR181 on ECHO 3
LSZH TWR: SWR181 Apron guete morge taxi via FOXTROTT 1 and then DELTA then ECHO 67 und am FOX 1 staht dänn no d’Überraschig! (and at the end of FOX 1 there will be a surprise)
SWR181: Jawoll, Überraschig in sight FOX 1 DELTA SWR181 (surprise in sight)
LSZH TWR: then to firm stand ECHO 67
SWR181: ECHO 67 danke schön!

[21JUL2013 04:12 UTC]
SWR179: Hey Päuli alles guete, gsehsch geil uus fo hine! (Hey Paul you look great from behind!)
SWR181 (Captain): Scho guet, danke vielmal! (ok, thanks)
SWR179: Päuli mir händ Fottene fo dire letschte Brännerei(?) (we’ve got pictures of you last burnings(?))
SWR181 (Captain): Danke vielmal! (thanks a lot)

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