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FAB001 inbound LOWW

July 3rd, 2013 8 comments

Here is the ATC audio transcript of LOWW APP talking to the Pilot of FAB001, the Bolivian Presidential Plane (Falcon 900EX) of Evo Morales, landing in LOWW (Vienna, Austria) on 2nd July 2013 around 1920Z (UTC), 21:20 CET (local time).

Update: FAB001 departed from UUWW, Vnukovo international airport, not Sheremetyevo (UUEE) international airport.

Source: LiveATC

[02JUL2013 1923Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 Good evening information WISKEY expect ILS runway 16
FAB001: Information WHISKEY ILS rwy 16 FAB001
LOWW APP: Do you need any assistance?

LOWW APP: FAB001 do you need any assistance upon landing?
FAB001: ah not at this moment we need to land because ah we are not… we can not get a correct indication of the fuel indication so as ah a precaution we need to land
LOWW APP: FAB001 roger continue on present heading expect radar vectors for the approach descend flightlevel 90 (similar to “LOWW BALAD 5L transition”)
FAB001: Present heading FL090

[02JUL2013 1925Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 your distance from touchdown is around 60 miles
FAB001: Roger FAB001

[02JUL2013 1927Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 rate of descent 2500 feet per minute or greater
FAB001: climb to 2500ft 001
LOWW APP: Negative. Rate of descent 2500 feet per minute or greater you are cleared FL90
FAB001: 2500 ft/min descent or greater FAB001
[02JUL2013 1929Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 020
FAB001: say again the heading please
LOWW APP: Turn left heading 020

LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 020
FAB001: 020 FAB001

[02JUL2013 1930Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 descend 4000ft QNH 1016
FAB001: 1016 down to 4000ft FAB001

[02JUL2013 1931Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left heading 340
FAB001: 340 left FAB001
[02JUL2013 1933Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 own rate of descent your distance from touchdown is 20 miles
FAB001: 20 miles FAB001

[02JUL2013 1934Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 turn left headin 250
FAB001: left 250 FAB001

LOWW APP: FAB001 descend 3000ft
FAB001: To 3000 FAB001

[02JUL2013 1935Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 left heading 190 cleared ILS 16
FAB001: 190 left cleared to the ILS 16

[02JUL2013 1937Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 contact tower 123 decimal 8 bye bye
FAB001: 1-2-3-8 thank you, bye bye