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FAB001 outbound LOWW

July 3rd, 2013 No comments

FAB001 outbound LOWW heading direct GCLP 3rd of July 2013, after having landed in LOWW the day before coming from UUEE UUWW.

Update: FAB001 departed from UUWW, Vnukovo international airport, not Sheremetyevo (UUEE) international airport.

Source: LiveATC

[03JUL2013 0917Z]
FAB001: Control FOXTROTT ALPHA BRAVO 0-0-1 passing 3500 (feet)
LOWW APP: FAB001 hello identified climb flightlevel 100
FAB001: 0-0-1 I understand to FL 3-6-0
LOWW APP: FAB001 negative climb FL100
FAB100: Climb FL100 FAB001

[03JUL2013 0919Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 climb FL240
FAB001: Climb to FL240 FAB001

[03JUL2013 0923Z]
LOWW APP: FAB001 cleared direct to OSPEN
FAB001: Direct to OSPEN FAB001

LOWW APP: FAB001 contact Wien Radar 132 decimal 6
FAB001: 3-2 decimal 6 thank you very much, good bye