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dumping rtmp stream

July 22nd, 2013 2 comments logoHere’s a quick howto which describes how to easily dump rtmp streams from
(You won’t need wireshark for it, just rtmpdump has to be installed on your *NIX system.)

1.) Go to the respective site, e.g. Abhören für Alle by Harald Welte and check the source code of the site (ctrl + u in Firefox). – Watch out for the following lines in the html source code:

url: "/elastic_streaming_client/get_streaming_server/",
success: function(data) {
$("#stage").get(0).innerHTML = '< video id="player" width="' + width + '" height="' + height + '" controls="controls" src="http :// ' + data[0].server + '/vods3/_definst/mp4:dctp_completed_media/a2dd446bdf6a4c3584a320b7decc42f1_iphone.m4v/playlist.m3u8">Dieser Browser unterstützt kein HTML5 Video';

2.) Extract the string in the line url: (e.g. “/elastic_streaming_client/get_streaming_server/) and consolidate it with “” to “”. Visit the site and extract the information which appears in the browser window.

[{"endpoint": "rtmpe://", "type": "wowza", "server": ""}]

3.) Extract the information “src=” in the line #stage from the source code of the original page (e.g. “http://’ + data[0].server + ‘/vods3/_definst/mp4:dctp_completed_media/a2dd446bdf6a4c3584a320b7decc42f1_iphone.m4v/playlist.m3u8” and consolidate the info with the “endpoint” information from the second page. (substract “/playlist.m3u8” which isn’t needed.)


4.) Open a shell and enter the following command into the command line, whereas -r defines the rtmp url and -o the option of the output filename where the file is being dumped to.

rtmpdump -r rtmpe:// -o AbhoerenFuerAlle-HaraldWelte.flv --resume

5.) Use Arista transcoder or Miro converter to convert the dumped flv file into any format.


[Update 15FEB2014]
Georg wrote dctp-dl, a command line tool to download the video file as mp4 directly.