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dumping rtmp stream

July 22nd, 2013 2 comments logoHere’s a quick howto which describes how to easily dump rtmp streams from
(You won’t need wireshark for it, just rtmpdump has to be installed on your *NIX system.)

1.) Go to the respective site, e.g. Abhören für Alle by Harald Welte and check the source code of the site (ctrl + u in Firefox). – Watch out for the following lines in the html source code:

url: "/elastic_streaming_client/get_streaming_server/",
success: function(data) {
$("#stage").get(0).innerHTML = '< video id="player" width="' + width + '" height="' + height + '" controls="controls" src="http :// ' + data[0].server + '/vods3/_definst/mp4:dctp_completed_media/a2dd446bdf6a4c3584a320b7decc42f1_iphone.m4v/playlist.m3u8">Dieser Browser unterstützt kein HTML5 Video';

2.) Extract the string in the line url: (e.g. “/elastic_streaming_client/get_streaming_server/) and consolidate it with “” to “”. Visit the site and extract the information which appears in the browser window.

[{"endpoint": "rtmpe://", "type": "wowza", "server": ""}]

3.) Extract the information “src=” in the line #stage from the source code of the original page (e.g. “http://’ + data[0].server + ‘/vods3/_definst/mp4:dctp_completed_media/a2dd446bdf6a4c3584a320b7decc42f1_iphone.m4v/playlist.m3u8” and consolidate the info with the “endpoint” information from the second page. (substract “/playlist.m3u8” which isn’t needed.)


4.) Open a shell and enter the following command into the command line, whereas -r defines the rtmp url and -o the option of the output filename where the file is being dumped to.

rtmpdump -r rtmpe:// -o AbhoerenFuerAlle-HaraldWelte.flv --resume

5.) Use Arista transcoder or Miro converter to convert the dumped flv file into any format.


[Update 15FEB2014]
Georg wrote dctp-dl, a command line tool to download the video file as mp4 directly.

24C3 – Full steam ahead

December 27th, 2007 No comments

Today the 24rd Chaos Communication Congress opened it’s doors. You can watch the talks on the following Streams. The recordings will be published after the congress and mirrored on my mirror.